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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bora shares her secrets nano ankles secrets with Dispatch

Article: "I'm a nano ankle too" Bora's honey tips for beautiful legs

Source: Naver TV

1. [+1,863, -58] These pictures don't do her legs justice, they actually make them look short. Is the journalist an anti?

2. [+1,442, -59] Bora's legs have always been famous for being pretty... I honestly think the general shape of your legs is something you're born with. Sure you can turn thick legs thin with exercise but things like proportion and the line of them don't change unless you get massages or procedures done, and even the it's not guaranteed ㅠㅠ

3. [+736, -23] Thin ankles are something you have to be born with ㅋㅋ

4. [+497, -36] She's the oldest in SISTAR but the cutest member

5. [+459, -29] So jealous ㅜㅜ I seriously can't seem to lose weight in my ankles

6. [+342, -13] People who naturally have thick ankles usually can't make them thinner no matter how much weight they lose

7. [+257, -8] Yup, pretty legs are all about how thin your calves and ankles are

8. [+316, -37] Leg lines are definitely something you're born with. Celebrities can get all the plastic surgery in the world but ones with beautiful legs are pretty rare. Everyone loves Kang Sora but if you look at her calves, they're a bit thick like radishes and people like Kang Min Kyung or Yoona are bow legged so their legs aren't pretty either.

9. [+200, -11] She can fit a watch around her ankles, they're definitely thin!

10. [+465, -114] The original nano ankles are Heo Gayoon...

11. [+149, -17] Her coordi shouldn't dress her in skirts like this!! It makes her waist look like a fridge! I swear, coordis these days have no eye for proportion.

12. [+61, -4] You can make your legs thinner with effort but ankles are something you're born with. Can't even get plastic surgery on them...

13. [+28, -1] She always look so healthy and energetic



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