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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Block B's reps deny 'Zico lip tint' apology

Article: Zico reps, "We question whether the apology is genuine... we ask for a genuine apology for the 'Zico tint'"

Source: Star News via Naver

LG's Beyond did indeed market their lip tint as the 'Block B Zico Lip~ aqua tinted rouge~!'

1. [+5,601, -220] There's a huge difference between consumers spreading a product by word of mouth by calling it the 'so and so lip tint' and the company itself calling it the 'so and so lip tint' when that star isn't even under contract with them, let alone ever even used the product. Whether it was a mistake or not, the company should admit to it and apologize instead of blaming the consumers.

2. [+4,224, -163] Zico never even used the lip tint but the company used his name to raise sales and when an apology was demanded, they blamed the consumers saying they're the ones who came up with the name and so they just decided to go with it for convenience. That makes no sense, and an apology is necessary.

3. [+2,567, -97] It's actually illegal to use a celebrity's name to sell your products

4. [+2,433, -80] LG is completely at fault here... they're selling the product by blatantly calling it the 'Block B Zico Lip Tint', why should his company let that go? He's not even their contracted model.

5. [+2,251, -95] It wouldn't be such a big problem if they left out Block B and just called it the Zico tint but they're using someone's actual name without paying them for it.

6. [+284, -12] I can't believe a company as big as LG is doing something not even a street market vendor would do ㅋㅋ

7. [+285, -18] It wouldn't be a problem if some blogger called it the Zico lip tint in a post but this is the actual Beyond company selling the lip tint as if it's used by Block B's Zico on their Beyond app and homepage, and using it as a marketing scheme.

8. [+257, -18] If Kim Soo Hyun is their model, they should just call it the Kim Soo Hyun tint, why are they dragging Zico into this for no reason

9. [+179, -8] So Zico's not even their model, he's another company's model, and they're using his name to market their own lip tint? That's so wrong;;



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