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Sunday, January 24, 2016

4minute releases teasers images for 'Hate' comeback next month

Article: 4minute to comeback with 'Hate' on the 1st

Source: E-Daily via Naver

1. [+1,825, -134] There's barely a week left until their comeback and a group of 4minute's status is this quiet with their teasers? Come on Cube, get to work

2. [+734, -64] Hul, supporting the 4minute unnis

3. [+567, -57] Nam Jihyun has gotten so much prettier

4. [+385, -37] Great to hear about the comeback~~~

5. [+87, -8] Hoping Jiyoon will have a strong concept like their 'Crazy' promos

6. [+67, -10] Jiyoon looks so cool

7. [+50, -7] Everyone's beauty seems to have upgraded. Really liking this concept so far so I hope Cube wakes up and gets to work.

8. [+33, -5] Can't tell if it's Jihyun or Hyuna who has their hair tied up but they look pretty

9. [+22, -2] They're 8 years into their debut already, isn't it about time they release a full album already ㅡㅡ

10. [+15, -1] They get new hair colors every time they comeback, I wonder how the condition of their hair is



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