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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Young couple arrested for horrifying death of newborn

CCTV of man returning home after disposing the baby

Article: Female high school student and college boyfriend arrested for killing newborn and attempting to set it on fire

Source: Yonhap News via Nate + Naver

An 18 year old high school student hid her pregnancy and gave birth in her home bathroom while her father and grandmother were sleeping in the next room over. She strangled the newborn with a rubber band, killing it, and then put it in a plastic bag to throw from the veranda at her 20 year old boyfriend who was waiting below outside.

He then took the baby and attempted to set it on fire at a park 10 minutes from the home but failed and eventually resorted to dumping it in the river. The baby was discovered by someone walking by the river the next morning.

The baby, a girl, was discovered with its placenta in a plastic bag and a yellow rubber band wrapped around its neck along with burn marks on its behind and left thigh.


1. [+3,212, -28] What in the world... that poor baby couldn't even take its full breath before it was strangled to death.. That poor child.. please be born to loving parents in your next life where your you can cry to your heart's content upon birth.. and please give these people the death penalty!! How could you kill a baby twice like that!! Worse than trash

2. [+2,809, -23] Wow, just crazy, absolutely crazy, I don't even know what to say... she should've told her parents she was pregnant even if she was afraid of the consequences

3. [+2,529, -26] They're devils. Did your parents raise you like that? Even if they did, you should know to think with your head and to know better!

4. [+196, -1] Ah... probably the most shocking article of the year... I'm speechless

5. [+187, -2] She waited 10 months just to kill that baby... ah, terrifying

6. [+98, -1] That filthy b*tch didn't even let out a cry as she gave birth in the same home her family was sleeping in. As if strangling the poor baby to death wasn't bad enough, they tried to set it on fire and threw it in the river? Wow... Hell isn't enough for these two.

7. [+92, -2] Why not just get an abortion... they could get part time jobs for a month or two and come up with the expenses for it... How can they do that to a human life that can feel pain out of the womb? A baby that they created with their own blood and flesh...

8. [+52, -2] I'm speechless. Shows just how scary human beings can be.

9. [+46, -1] Just kill them. What use is the law against animals like them?

10. [+41, -1] How did her parents not know that she was pregnant? My mom knew even when I was wearing a t-shirt I secretly bought behind her back ㅡㅡ;; and as someone who took two days for my own child birth... I wonder how kids like her can give birth so easily on their own. Sigh... so many parents in the world waiting for their own special little one ㅜ.ㅜ but the babies all go to these horrible people who aren't even ready for them

11. [+118, -22] Isn't it weird how there are so many parents in the world who desperately want kids but never get them so they have to spend a fortune on artificial methods... but it's always the irresponsible ones like them who get pregnant so easily.

12. [+26, -2] Their "young age" shouldn't be an excuse. They're clearly just psychopaths who were born to be this evil. People are so careful even when attempting to hold a newborn baby and yet they had the nerve to do all that to one? Unforgivable. I hope that baby rests in peace.

13. [+17, -2] I hope that baby tortures them for the rest of their life



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