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Friday, December 18, 2015

Verbal Jint reveals he made 500 million won last year

Article: Verbal Jint, "It's true that I made 500 million won last year but I didn't think that was a lot"

Source: Sports Chosun via Naver

1. [+3,898, -124] Truly proves that it's useless to worry about celebrities or even take any interest in them...

2. [+3,033, -124] He didn't think that was a lot... The average wage earner in Korea barely makes 30 million won, isn't 500 million won amazing? ㅜ

3. [+2,129, -73] When I get a job, I want to make at least 10% of what Verbal Jint makes

4. [+1,825, -50] I know that the average wage earner has a different job compared to him as a musican... but I'm so jealous that he gets to think 500 million won isn't a lot..

5. [+1,520, -61] He doesn't know how good he's got it

6. [+524, -11] This is why I think fans are so pathetic... they barely make 30 million won themselves and yet they spend a couple hundred on attending their concerts, buying their digital songs, worrying for them...

7. [+375, -13] Celebrities make way too much money than they deserve..

8. [+281, -14] I actually think that's more than you deserve...


Source: Daum

1. [+381, -10] What a great job being a celebrity is. He's whining that he only made 500 million won, give me a break ㅋㅋ trash

2. [+205, -3] Then earn more! My goal for next year is to make 50 million won

3. [+171, -3] I wonder if he's on top of his taxes. Who cares how much celebrities make when they have so many other expenses.

4. [+37, -1] F*ck, he's got it good

5. [+27, -2] Can he get a decent hair cut with that money then..



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