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Saturday, December 5, 2015

TV: [Spoilers!!!] Reply 1988

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Article: 'Reply' Hyeri realizes Ryu Jun Yeol has a crush on her at his opposal "Don't do it" to blind date

Source: Newsen via Daum

1. [+626, -12] Jungpal-ah ㅜㅜ His forced laughter yesterday when Taek said he liked Duksun was so realistic ㅋㅋㅋ I like Taek and he makes me feel comfortable and all but it's Junghwan that makes your heart flutter

2. [+611, -6] I'm sure the women felt their hearts flutter at this scene. The scriptwriter is so crazy.. how can she be this good at writing? Every single episode just gets better and better. Already looking forward to next week ^-------^

3. [+346, -0] Ohhhing Junghwan-ah~~

4. [+219, -2] This drama's insane. I feel like I'm back to being 18 years old and am falling in love with Duksun. Felt my world crumble when Taek came in yesterday... These actors are so good that they make me feel everything they're feeling.

5. [+198, -3] Duksun's already falling for Junghwan

6. [+190, -1] Duksun's pajamas are so worn out that it really does give the feel of her family not being that well off ㅋㅋㅋ so much detail goes into every prop in this drama

7. [+158, -1] Watching this makes me remember my younger days... but now that I'm married and spend busy days looking after my kids, the nostalgia makes me tear up.. I want to go back to the times I can't get back anymore ㅜㅜ

8. [+83, -2] It's Taek that looks after her and everything but it's Junghwan that makes your heart flutter ㅜㅜ



Article: 'Reply' is running at crazy speed... hits highest viewer ratings at 13.9%

Source: Sports Donga via Daum

1. [+322, -2] It's not the husband search I'm interested in but the nostalgia of the time

2. [+236, -4] 1988 has already owned the entire series in terms of viewer ratings so let's hit an all time cable first with 20%

3. [+230, -4] Fighting, this drama's one to remember

4. [+85, -1] Probably the only TV show that my entire family gathers to watch. I was a senior in high school in '88 so it's a lot of nostalgia for me. Jungbong was hilarious yesterday as well.

5. [+77, -2] I bet the actual viewer ratings are doubled because people watch the live episode for the story and then watch the reruns to catch the details they missed out on the first time...

6. [+72, -1] I'm 43 years old and this drama has captured my past perfectly~~~ better than any drama on public broadcast right now.

7. [+67, -3] Each episode makes me laugh and cry and warms my heart right up.

8. [+61, -1] I was born in 1969 and this drama makes me tear up. Duksun is so similar to a friend I had back then that I watch with tears in my eyes the entire time.



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