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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Sunhwa rings in the New Year in elegant party looks

Article: Han Sunhwa, the seduction of pure white skin

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+5,323, -169] Han Sunhwa had such a nice image at first as the female Kim Jong Min... and then she just randomly decided to change up her image and her status has been up in the air ever since

2. [+2,661, -133] She lost way too much weight... I actually think it's negatively affecting her. She should be healthy.. she looks thin to the point where I feel bad for her.

3. [+1,722, -73] She needs to gain some weight ㅜㅜ

4. [+1,320, -73] She'd look better with some weight on her

5. [+578, -10] So when SECRET's contract expires, I think at least two won't renew and the rest will disband or just stick to individual promos. The members really don't seem close to one another right now.

6. [+529, -19] If only Sunhwa just stuck it out in variety like Kwanghee did... she's not that bad at acting but the actress image just doesn't fit her.

7. [+316, -14] Our actress diseased princess is looking so aged without some weight on her

8. [+285, -12] Haven't seen her in a while, did she lose more weight? ;; ㅋㅋ She looked so much happier when she was doing WGM with Kwanghee back then

9. [+202, -6] I miss the old bubbly Sunhwa on 'Invincible Youth' more than this chic and uptight top actress Sunhwa.

10. [+90, -5] From an outsider's perspective, it seems she's at a position in her career where she can't do this or that. I'm sure she'd love to pursue acting full time but she has contract obligations and not enough public recognition so she needs the singing gigs for that. And public recognition is so important if you want to land lead roles... from her interviews, it sounds like she has no attachment left to SECRET anymore though.



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