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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Kim Hyun Joong's father eyes for custody of the baby

Article: Kim Hyun Joong's father, "I'm sorry to the child... if Choi-ssi finds it difficult to raise the child, we will raise him"

Source: TV Report via Daum

1. [+1,761, -275] They shouldn't fight over custody rights and just let Kim Hyun Joong-ssi raise him

2. [+1,674, -359] Don't give her child support payments and just raise the child yourself... Choi-ssi is so greedy. I think she gave birth to that child for the money... I doubt she would've given birth to him if Kim Hyun Joong was some poor sap. Just raise him yourself..

3. [+1,004, -78] These two made the child themselves so let them resolve it between themselves. And please stop reporting on this as if it's some morning drama. We don't need to know every detail abou tit.


Source: Naver

1. [+3,376, -124] No more.. media play... pissing me off

2. [+3,915, -331] Please father.. just stay quiet. You're not even his lawyer, why do you keep speaking up? Just let Kim Hyun Joong handle it, you're not helping him at all.

3. [+1,727, -94] "If she can't raise him"... "can't raise him"... "can't raise him"...

4. [+941, -87] This ajusshi gives me the goosebumps. The fact that he tried to force her to get a paternity test at a hospital he specifically chose under a doctor he specifically chose on a date that "isn't too late"... which means he was trying to get her to do one thing;;;; goosebumps;;;;;;;
- The possibility of a forced abortion was real, I'm glad the woman was smart enough to not fall for it
- Meanwhile stupid Kim Hyun Joong fans tried to make it seem as if the woman didn't want to get the test because the kid wasn't his when she was just fearing a forced abortion

5. [+807, -64] But a man who can beat his own woman would beat his own kid...

6. [+721, -56] What does he want the baby now for? He's the one who denied it being his all this time, I'm sure they're going to raise the baby properly alright with that attitude

7. [+840, -110] Definitely should not let the parents take the baby. I'd rather the woman keep custody of the baby. Kimn Hyun Joong's parents went out of their way to say all sorts of crap about the baby, I don't trust them at all to raise him.

8. [+594, -58] Are they not going to apologize for all the crap they said about her in the media? About now the baby's not theirs, now the ultrasound picture is suspicious, treating her like the baby's father is someone else..


Source: Nate

1. [+484, -35] Just take it as a consequence for him using his d*ck so carelessly like that. Ugh, he's the trash who slept with another woman while his own woman was pregnant.

2. [+445, -61] Sounds like an ambiguous way of saying they want to take custody of the baby now... I feel bad for the kid born to a father like that. He has nothing positive to provide for the kid.... right, you butthole attacker?

3. [+395, -69] The parents are the ones who treated the woman like a kkot-baem before the baby was even born, no? The epitome of makjang, tsk tsk

4. [+53, -8] Sounds like they're getting greedy to take custody of the baby now... how shameless of them

5. [+48, -6] He beats his own woman, how can you thnk that child is going to grow up with his ribs in tact if he grows up under his father

6. [+39, -14] The fact that she went through with giving birth to the child in a situation like this shows she's crazed about the money... Both of them are crazy for getting pregnant 5 times in the span of 2 years, what were they thinking..

7. [+36, -11] Can he stop using the kid to gain sympathy? His son is the one who beat a woman and got her pregnant and they're the ones who tried to lure the woman into a forced abortion and now they want to raise the baby as their own?

8. [+34, -22] She'll never give up custody, she's making bank off of him

9. [+31, -6] He only wants the kid because he doesn't want to pay child support payments

10. [+29, -11] It wouldn't hurt for them to just support the mother financially so she can raise him to the best of her ability instead of offering to take the baby if she can't do it herself... the baby will obviously be better off with his mother than being raised by his grandfather.



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