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Sunday, December 13, 2015

IU wraps up nationwide 'Chatshire' tour

Article: IU completes 'Chatshire' nationwide tour... encore concert to be held

Source: Sports Donga via Naver

1. [+1,481, -213] So does she not care about all the hate she's getting because she has tons of stupid fanboys and fangirls??? Must be nice to have a fandom like that

2. [+1,115, -148] I guess I can see why she wrote those lyrics saying she can act as rudely as she wants and people will still like her ㅋㅋ She could go through a hundred scandals and the people who are going to support her will support her no matter what

3. [+1,115, -193] So she's going to sing 'Zeze' again? Amazing mentality on that one, really

4. [+940, -138] Yup, you need to be shameless like her to survive in the entertainment industry. Anyone with a normal mentality would never last.

5. [+949, -170] Wow, she's got iron thick skin

6. [+409, -67] Ah... she's not even sly anymore, she just horrifies me...

7. [+335, -56] I don't care what she does with her fans at her concerts, I just don't want to see her on my TV

8. [+361, -68] Really so sick of her... media played so much about her artist image but after her scandals blew up, she takes no responsibility for any of it and excuses herself with an apology. What I hate more are her fans who are blind and deaf to everything, just spewing, "Blah blah blah our IU has done nothing wrong!! It's just the fat haters being jealous~" I hope you fans realize that you shielding her blindly like that is detrimental to her career. I got goosebumps hearing that she performed 'Zeze' at her concert, calling it a song she still loves.

9. [+262, -42] I bet all her fans left other than her hardcore ones... at least anyone with shame would have left

10. [+231, -40] My friend went to her Gwangju concert yesterday and her opening song was 'Zeze'. She's ballsy.

11. [+210, -37] IU, Yoon Eun Hye, and Yewon can open an iron skillet restaurant with how iron thick their skins are

12. [+164, -32] I hate her.......

13. [+224, -57] Devil b*tch... How scary is she?

14. [+61, -10] IU: "Hate me all you want, I'm still doing fine" ㅋㅋ



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