IU takes over the streets of Hongdae for CF event

Article IU 'cute mouth pose bboo'

Source: Star News via Nate

1. [+1,486, -224] Really disappointed in IU...

2. [+1,399, -196] Please don't zeze me so I can jang giha my singing career (Korean play on words, they sound similar to 'restrict' and 'longevity')

3. [+342, -54] I run a cafe and my customers keep asking me to turn off IU's songs whenever they come on so I turned it off twice before deleting it off our playlist...

4. [+104, -18] She was like this with anchovy's scandal... and now with Zeze's scandal.. hard to understand what's going on inside her head

5. [+104, -20] I really hate her

6. [+87, -18] Wouldn't this be what you call media play

7. [+79, -20] I hate the fact that she tries to sweep every scandal she gets into under the rug. That's why you have so many antis, get that???

8. [+77, -19] Even before she ruined her image, I never thought she was particularly pretty... looks like Shin Bong Sun's little sister.


Article: IU's flower beauty takes over the streets of Hongdae

Source: News 1 via Naver

1. [+8,406, -746] The journalist has released his bait, prepare for war

2. [+10,884, -1,914] Her insisting on being quiet without apologizing just shows that she refuses to admit her mistake. What's funnier than IU are the fans who still choose to support her... no wonder she's afraid of nothing.

3. [+8,603, -1,289] Why is she still featured on the main page???? Media play?

4. [+8,540, -1,563] You're a has-been now. ByeU.

5. [+7,537, -1,316] Sigh... I really liked her... but now her face looks so different to me.. ㅜㅜ

6. [+4,400, -475] I read a defensive post made by IU's uncle fans and I'm honestly so disgusted ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They claim that they have a natural male urge to want to caress any young woman that they like ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I hope you think the same thing when other men are thinking those dirty thoughts about your dirty. You guys claim that that's natural with your own mouths but no, that's disgusting.

7. [+4,270, -518] I refuse to drink an ounce of the 'Chamiseul' brand she's endorsing. She thinks she can think lowly of the public like this? 'Isoi' took down her ads the minute her scandal broke out so when I saw that 'Chamiseul' chose to renew their contract with her, I couldn't believe my eyes. I wonder what their intentions are.

8. [+3,822, -456] There are so many child abuse cases happening lately, from a 2 year old dying from being beat to death to a child who was locked up by her own father and starved for 2 years before running away. I wonder what IU thinks of those children? Dirty and cunning?


Article: IU's real life beauty freezes the streets of Hongdae

Source: TV Daily via Daum

1. [+879, -175] Dislike

2. [+688, -146] I'm amazed that she's still an idol

3. [+652, -129] As if she froze anything, more like unfroze her staff accounts to manipulate the upvotes

4. [+516, -67] A scam artist who uses pedophilia to sell her plagiarized songs

5. [+243, -12] There are always many people in Hongdae... it's not just because IU's there