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Sunday, December 20, 2015

GO opens up about his feelings getting hurt with MBLAQ's leaves

Article: 'Mask Best Singer' GO, "I was hurt when Lee Joon and Thunder left MBLAQ, I suffered an identity crisis"

Source: Newsen via Nate

"I went through a lot of emotional heartache recently. I spent most of my time at home. I was hurt far too much in the process that it took for MBLAQ to change as three. I came on 'Mask Best Singer' to remind myself of the days of when I dreamt of becoming a singer.... There are so many people who genuinely support me and now I wonder why I thought I was alone. While promoting with the members, I came to love them as family but that's become broken now, and it made me wonder what made me want to start singing in the first place. I think I've regained my confidence back from 'Mask Best Singer' and I'll try harder to promote more music soon."


1. [+1,260, -108] I can understand why he's hurt. It's like when a group of friends start a business together with the simple goal of becoming the best but then two leave because they just wanted that business experience as another point on their resume for bigger and better things. I really don't understand why kids whose end goals are to become actors even bother becoming idols in the first place.

2. [+1,084, -48] Honestly, GO's an awesome singer... He really must've gone through a lot of heartache. I'll be supporting you!!

3. [+822, -37] Find strength...

4. [+102, -11] I completely understand where he's coming from but I don't think he should be pinning this on the members who left. It's not like they broke their contract to leave, they stuck around till its end and didn't renew because they had other paths to take. I honestly wouldn't stay in an agency like that either.

5. [+86, -6] There's nobody to blame in MBLAQ, the situation is understandable. Lee Joon made a name for himself as an actor and saw no future in MBLAQ. I can see why he'd be upset at the others leaving considering how close they were. It's hard to see how this could've happened to a group that used to be so popular. I still don't get why Thunder bothered leaving.

6. [+84, -9] The members who left can't be blamed because they saw their contract through. Lee Joon had better prospects as an actor... but the situation overall is frustrating indeed.

7. [+76, -12] The way he's talking makes the members who left seem like the bad guys. He did this on SNS too, why does he act like the victim all the time? Lee Joon told them ahead of time that he wasn't going to renew but he'd stick it out with their concert and fulfill his role until the end. Learn to let go... it's not like the group itself was doing well.

8. [+73, -6] Honestly, the group hasn't hit daebak, you can't expect them to stay with you out of loyalty... they need to find other ways to put food on the table.

9. [+67, -1] When they debuted at the same time as B2ST, MBLAQ was more popular because they had a better balance of visuals, vocal talent, and dance... but I think the gap grew because B2ST consistently came out with high quality songs while MBLAQ's only good song was their debut song.

10. [+57, -3] Wasn't Lee Joon the member that got MBLAQ popular in the first place anyway? I don't know if there was discord between the members but he should be grateful to Lee Joon. GO's a good singer but Lee Joon helped the team in other ways.

11. [+56, -1] A group like this needs a good producer to really cement a style for them...

12. [+53, -8] Not like they left mid-contract... why should Lee Joon be obligated to stay in a group where he's the only active member anyway??? I think GO is more selfish than anything;;; Lee Joon already did so much for getting MBLAQ known.

13. [+42, -7] What is he talking about??? Idols are nothing more than business relationships. They're individual people looking for success brought together to work together. It's not like they left their contracts. They fulfilled their contracts and left to do other things - what's the issue here?

14. [+40, -9] Why does he and Mir keep talking about getting hurt when their contracts were fulfilled? It's their freedom to do as they wish after that ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

15. [+34, -2] I'm sure GO would've made the same decision if he were in their shoes. Why would they stick around out of loyalty to a group they know isn't going to work out when they have love calls from other opportunities?



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