Top Korean colleges fail to make it into US & News' top 100

Article: [Issue+] 'Korean colleges stuck in a pond'... all rank outside of the top 100

Source: Naver

1. Seoul University #105 (previously #72), 33 drop
2. KAIST #184 (previously #179), 5 drop
3. Pohang Uni of Science and Tech #197
4. Sungkyunkwan Uni #231
5. Yonsei Uni #260
6. Korea Uni #280
7. Hanyang Uni #432
8. Kyungbuk Uni #457
9. Ewha Woman's Uni #465
10. Kyunghee Uni #515

1. [+924, -57] Everything about Korea is a bubble

2. [+804, -33] It's been a while since our colleges have become nothing but a stepping stone to a job..

3. [+749, -99] This is what I call Hell Korea

4. [+546, -27] A world that puts its lives on rankings

5. [+201, -6] Can't really call Korean colleges a real college, they're just greedy businesses

6. [+205, -12] Check anywhere else in the world if they're like us. We've gotten rid of all of the humanities and philosophies courses to teach everyone coding..

7. [+185, -7] There's a reason why our country never gets Nobel prizes..

8. [+133, -9] Our students go to college and are never able to reply or argue back to their professors... they're forced to memorize information instead of actually studying it to take their tests, just like they did for their college entrance exams... you lose your A if you dare even challenge your professor's ideas. That's Seoul University for you. It's probably less in education values than a prestigious foreign high school.

9. [+109, -10] As someone who graduated from a college abroad... it's embarrassing to call Korean colleges an actual college. All they do is force students to memorize everything by cramming studies. Our colleges are on par with high school.

10. [+81, -1] Since when did our Hell Korea have any colleges? I thought they were four year employment academies

11. [+72, -2] The irony of a country that sends 70% of its students to college. It should be like foreign countries where only 30% go to college... only the true brains should be going to improve their skills and become competitive. For a country whose education values depend on cramming and memorizing information, it doesn't matter if we have tons of college grads when their intelligence level is on par with a foreign high schooler.

12. [+62, -3] We should be focused on getting Nobel prizes than ranking high in colleges.

13. [+51, -3] Sad how so many parents are spending so much on after school and extracurricular activities to send their kids to a college that doesn't even rank in the top 100 ㅡㅡ

14. [+38, -1] Our best college is some nugu college to foreigners from a country that can't even win a Novel prize