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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Park Jin Young's school uniform ad criticized for over sexualized style

Article: Park Jin Young's school uniform ad controversy

Source: Star News via Naver

Park Jin Young and Twice's school uniform ad is being criticized for sexualizing school uniforms with poster phrases like "cut the skirt! shading skirt" and "cinch the jacket! corset jacket"

1. [+5,867, -272] Can you even call a school uniform 'sexy'? I feel like he's giving reason for people to view school students as sexual figures and it bothers me. Please wake up and think of your children being treated this way!

2. [+4,117, -599] Park Jin Young-ssi, let's not instigate the youth like this..;;

3. [+2,830, -252] Why's he cutting down his image with this ad

4. [+2,227, -186] School uniform skirts are too short nowadays

5. [+774, -19] School uniform ads visual-wise should be concerned with making legs look longer or thiner... this doesn't even look like a school uniform ad. Whoever's the company is the problem for coming up with this concept ㅡㅡ

6. [+896, -38] I can see how it'd be problematic. Sometimes you should just admit to fault if you make a mistake.

7. [+893, -39] They don't even look like students wearing school uniforms

8. [+845, -59] How about you put your own daughter in a sexy school uniform and ask her to give off sex appeal

9. [+772, -9] I wonder what the adc ompany was thinking... adults are the ones designing these ad campaigns and then yelling at the children for wearing short and tight school uniforms.. sigh

10. [+5544, -22] Ugh.. what're they dressing kids in.. draw a line, please



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