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Monday, September 14, 2015

CNBLUE holds comeback showcase

Article: 'Comeback' CNBLUE, transcending idol to a 'real band'

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+956, -287] They're good at music. Jung Yonghwa's a talent.

2. [+775, -230] Try and listen to their song, you'll end up putting it on loop...

3. [+643, -164] They've performed at several Japanese rock festivals and have gone on so many Japanese tours. I wish they'd show us more of their lives in Korea too!

4. [+583, -155] So handsome! Come out on TV more, your song is addicting~

5. [+654, -261] Definitely not idols~~~ real rock band CNBLUE, do well!!! Anyone who's been to their concert will agree with me!!

6. [+167, -51] Their new song is great~ Jung Yonghwa has such a distinctive vocal color~~

7. [+163, -51] Their new song's good, definitely one to remember! I hope it hits a long run~

8. [+165, -55] They've gone on arena tours and Asia tours as a band and made tons and tons of money, an amazing band all around


Article: "You're my Cinderella" CNBLUE blows away their 1 year 7 month hiatus

Source: Mydaily via Naver

1. [+878, -127] I just saw the live showcase and I'm still so excited over it.. I have to go to their concert ㅜㅜ CNBLUE's daebak

2. [+796, -96] They definitely seemed different from when performing on music shows. Felt like I was watching a concert.

3. [+746, -105] Wow, I can always trust them to put out good music

4. [+660, -94] Thank you for coming back with a great song!

5. [+620, -88] Wow.. felt like an actual concert


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