AOA tops the poll for the army's favorite girl group

Article: 'AOA' takes the #1 girl group rank for shaking up the hearts of soldiers

Source: 10asia via Naver

1,500 soldiers across the units

1. AOA 21.8%
2. Girl's Day 15.9%
3. Red Velvet 9.3%
4. SNSD 9%
5. A Pink 8.3%
6. EXID 8%

When asked what girl group member they'd like as their girlfriend:

1. Seolhyun 14.3%
2. Hani 7.9%
3. Hyeri 6.8%
4. Choa 6.7%
5. Taeyeon 6.2%


1. [+41, -9] What's important to note is that soldiers will go crazy for girl groups that aren't even on this list. Rankings are of no importance to them.

2. [+23, -5] No reason to fight over this. To soldiers, the girl group they see right in front of their eyes is their favorite.

3. [+13, -3] Pointless... because they'll forget these girl group names as soon as they discharge.

4. [+35, -27] Soshi and KARA were the trends back in 2008 ㅎ seems like Soshi still has it ㅎ

5. [+27, -20] Soshi's 9 years in and still going strong ㅋ

6. [+11, -6] I did my service when 'Gee' was at its height of fame and Soshi was goddess level back then... Soldiers usually go for the dongsaeng types than nunas but it looks like Taeyeon's still popular.

7. [+7, -3] Seems like EXID's lower because it's been a while since their comeback. Hopefully they have a comeback soon.

8. [+10, -6] Seeing how low A Pink and EXID are on the rankigns shows that their popularity dwindles if they're not in the public light. A Pink promoted in the summer too but still ranked low... while SNSD is still up there

9. [+15, -11] Amazing to see Soshi and Taeyeon up there considering they debuted in 2007 compared to the other groups ㅋㅋ I'm pretty sure they're nunas to the current soldiers right now ㅋㅋ

10. [+18, -14] Suzy? Where's Suzy... uh oh