[Pann] More CLC giving attitude to seniors?

Pann: What CLC did to labelmate senior BtoB

The post talks about when BtoB guested on CLC's variety show and Changseob asked Yeeun to show a personal talent using a water bottle. Yeeun, who is 7 years younger and 3 years his industry junior, outright said "No!" and pushed the water bottle back to him, dumbfounding the BtoB members. Also during a fast rap battle, Seunghee argued that Ilhoon was rapping too fast to hear while Yeeun's rap could be heard clearly and the members had to explain that you aren't supposed to hear it clearly if the rap is that fast.

1. [+561, -2] Imagine how bad they were if even Jung Ilhoon told them, "You guys are really acting all out, aren't you?"

2. [+446, -3] Even though they're under the Cube line, I can't bring myself to like them.

3. [+437, -2] They're lucky BtoB is nice to put up with them. BtoB's close with B2ST too and yet they still use formal language with each other.

4. [+143, -0] And yet CLC fans are whining about how the Cube line doesn't support them when their artist goes around acting like this ㅋㅋㅋ B2uties are independent, they're too busy stanning B2ST to care about anyone else. I'm actually worried that CLC will act like this to B2ST too.

5. [+140, -0] There's also another scene where Changseob and some CLC member are supposed to dance together and Chagseob said he'll work hard to the point of stomping and that CLC members like, "I'll just stomp you"..wtf.. I don't know how close the two groups are despite being labelmates but as juniors, they just refuse to back down.

6. [+129, -3] This group is hopeless, they need to suffer failure. Their debut track wasn't memorable, they don't have an outstanding member, Seunghee's whatever, people don't even know who they are, they're not funny on varieties. They're destined for failure. I just wish they'd screw off without screwing over Cube in the process too.

7. [+125, -0] They're lucky BtoB's so nice and just laughed it off ㅜㅜ

8. [+121, -1] Why are people bringing up the Cube line here? Just because we're B2ST and BtoB fans, we have to shield CLC no matter what?'

9. [+107, -1] If CLC messed with any other group, they would've gotten way more hate. They're lucky BtoB and Melodies are nice.

10. [+104, -2] CLC varieties are so boring