The bigger issue: Black Nut

Article: 'Show Me 4', the person who really needs to be kicked off the show is Black Nut 'Yoon Mirae put down'

Ilgan Sports via Naver

Read his lyrics here (GRAPHIC)

1. [+346, -24] Kick him off the show, what's the point of this ilbe bug

2. [+332, -22] I agree ㅋㅋㅋ he's the biggest problem..

3. [+301, -16] He has mental issues, he needs to get checked out

4. [+276, -18] Read the article, he really does sound like he needs to be kicked off the show..

5. [+251, -16] Even if you ignore the fact that he's an ilbe user, he's got plenty of other issues

6. [+71, -5] It's not simply a matter of kicking him off the show, he needs to get mentally checked out and locked up

7. [+72, -8] His lyrics are about raping a classmate and killing her boyfriend and then talking about Yoon Mirae in all sorts of horrifyingly sexual ways... Song Minho didn't do anything right but he's worse than Song Minho..

8. [+69, -7] He's just rock bottom

9. [+68, -8] Take the show off air

10. [+68, -11] He's insane, he should never be allowed back in the industry again..!!!