Stars and their reasons for forgoing college

Article: The reason Suzy gave up college?... 7 stars and their reasons

Herald Econ via Nate

BoA: "I didn't need college to sing"

IU: "I always considered the senior year of high school as the last year of schooling of my life."

Park Jibin: "My irregular schedules would be an inconvenience for both myself and my classmates"

Taeyeon: "I wanted to go but I purposely didn't because of promotions. There are a lot of people who merely have their names on the roster but never go."

Rap Monster: Despite being in the top 1% in his PSAT and having an IQ of 148, "Music was more important to me"

Suzy: "Why do I need to go to college if I know that I won't be able to attend regularly?"

Yoo Seung Ho: "I didn't want to take away the opportunities of others"


1. [+639, -16] For someone who started the industry as a child, you'd think Yoo Seung Ho would get all arrogant but he's such a deep thinker. Grew up so well~~

2. [+578, -24] 99% of the reason male idols go to college and grad school is to postpone their service... Just look at Lee Seung Gi with his master's degree... makes Yoo Seung Ho amazing.

3. [+329, -21] Amazing of them~~

4. [+60, -26] I don't think Suzy's smart enough to even go to college

5. [+53, -23] I understand the other kids but isn't Suzy a different case? You look at some of the answers she gives on quizzes and I don't think she could've even graduated ㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+40, -6] These stars have already made more money before college than people make after college... their reasons don't matter to us commoners ㅋㅋ

7. [+35, -4] These stars already have huge money making careers, they have no reason to go to college... It's always the not-really-popular idols who try to use their popularity and get special treatment to get into colleges since they know their careers will be super unstable once they hit their twenties.

8. [+34, -3] I attended Dongguk University and I remember Lee Seung Gi barely ever coming for his grad school. I think I saw him like three times in a year!

9. [+30, -7] Most of the kids up there were college ready age at the peak of their careers when probably every college was offering them admissions but they didn't go which I find amazing.

10. [+27, -5] BoA's is honestly the only realistic answer... you don't need college for a singing career.