[Pann] Woman pleas for help on her lifetime of sexual abuse

This is a post that has been spreading like wildfire on Pann about a woman's unresolved story of sexual abuse. There has been an English translation made to help spread the word and hopefully get her some help. Take the time to read it if you can!

It's currently being spread to as many international news sites as possible as well as being picked up by local Korean news.


Hello everyone.
I'd like to confess the story of my life, full of horror and frustration.
I am a filthy woman.

I am currently in my 40s and a mother of 2 teenage sons. My sons and I had been forced to prostitute ourselves ever since my sons were 5-6 years old.

It may sound unbelievable but I am being truthful and I've also been part of that organization. My own family (my mother, father and sister) and my husband have been sex partners for a long time.

What I mean by 'partners' is that they intake drugs and participate in sexual intercourse in groups. They also lure other people with stimulant or sleeping pills and use them as a source of money, and force their wives and kids in sexual intercourse.

To them, 'raping' or 'prostitution' is nothing like an act of guilt or disgust but merely a simple source of money.

My husband took me and my sons to various places and forced us in prostitution for 10 years. He had always been in charge of money but when he told me to, I took the money.

My husband has done every work using my name and my identity. He said he had to avoid any circumstances that he might get him caught, so he made all bankbooks or credit cards using my name.

He made me do everything that seemed dangerous and he was always prepared to put me in blame for anything that gets caught.

He never let us keep any money nor let us get away from him in any time or circumstances- he always kept us close, watched us and kept us in control.

He always drove my kids to school to drop them off and pick them up and never let them participate in any after-school activities or academies. They were never even allowed to play outside at a playground.

He only takes them outside when he tries to coax them. They get so happy just for being outside from being trapped inside all their lives. That's when he takes photos of them being happy outside and fakes to other people as if our family is truly "happy".

My husband raped me when I was 22 years old and I married him. Afterwards, he fed me sleeping pills and ordered me to prostitute.
Soon I found out that he already had a women and a son but that was too late.

The only reason why he married me was to USE me and this all came easy because my own family and my husband had already been working in the same industry for a long time. They concluded that a marriage would bond them together and they were happy that it became a 'family business'.

My husband and my own family were practically on the same side with same heart so I've never been able to report anything when I spent 20 years of my life getting beat up. On the day I opposed my sons joining prostitution, we were beat up to death.

My own family tells him to abuse me to make me come to my senses.
My sister and my mother favor him to a level that they see him as their husbands so they often fight among themselves out of jealousy. My brother and my sister-in-law also joined in, so my mother's home was a place for a group prostitution. My brother runs his own pub and lures various women and men in prostitution.

My husband brought hundreds of people everyday from all different places whether he knew them or not and those people also brought more and more people. They took drugs and had sex, just like pornography.
I can't even remember the faces of people who visited once or twice.
On the days without customers, my husband personally taught my sons while having sex how to please and satisfy customers.
He fed us stimulants to make us have sex with each other and filmed it and used it to threaten us from escaping or reporting.
Seeing my own kids suffering, I was determined to kill my self.
My life was miserable without any reason to live so I pretty much gave up on my life.
I wasn't even able to protect my own kids and I didn't have a home to rely on. And my husband threatened to kill us if we ever escape by abusing me in front of my sons and scared them.

As I said, my husband never gave us any money nor let us get away from him in any situations, worrying that I'd escape.
I wasn't scared to die but I had to keep my sons alive so I'd always been on lookout for an opportunity to escape this hell with my sons.

I did everything that my husband told me to do.
I went to where ever he ordered me to, drugged people, raped people, prostituted, sold my own children, doing anything to adulate him.
I did everything like a robot.

I do admit that I was one of them.
He told me that the day he releases the video of my sons and I in sexual intercourse, our lives will be over.

But I married him because I became pregnant when he raped me at a young age so I never really knew anything about the world. All I did in my life was staying beside him, getting beat up, being called stupid and doing prostitution.

My own family told him to be prepared for any time I betray them and gave him advices. My sister was the leader in that.
My sister and my husband stayed like a married couple and she separated him and I by humiliating me, so I was occasionally beat up for that.

I was terrified of my husband so I stayed quiet.
My sister once told me that if this business ever gets caught, she'd raise my kids so I should go to prison instead of her but I was too stupid to say no.

My children have been raped by around 300 people and for me it has been around 1000 people in the 20 years of our marriage.

My husband said "it's my kids that I created so who is to say anything about what I do!" "We have to use them as much as we could when they're young to earn money!"

I couldn't let my sons live next to this disgusting monster.

And one day I was given an opportunity.

He told me to fake our divorce.
He told me to take my kids outside and sue around 10 people that raped us and that way he can rip some money off them. Once we sue 10 people, he told us to sue him so that people would believe what we say. Then he'd somehow bribe people to prove his innocence.

He had always used money to get away from any suspicion or blame.
He said a 'sham divorce' would successfully deceive others so that's why we should pretend as if I'm running away in the middle of a divorce suit.

This was an opportunity from God.
So we left the house like we promised and also ordered a divorce suit.
I didn't sue anyone else because all we wanted to do was hide from these people and live in a small town.

However nothing went the way I wanted.
He realized that I was avoiding him so later he legally requested to hand my sons over to him in a divorce suit.
When my sons found out, they were terrified saying that they never want to go back to that place and that they'd rather die than getting raped again.
So I was determined to not be swayed by his decisions so I sue him. 

Finally in 2014 I reported my husband.
I reported him to the police but my sons and I were never even properly investigated, but we were treated as sinners and madmen while my husband was sheltered.

My underage sons were left in a dark room and didn't even let me me see them. They just told them to answer questions that they were asking with a firm face.

My sons were already suffering from repulsion and fear of men from multiple rape, but they were investigated under suppression. And I was also treated as if I was insane and the investigation soon came to an end.

I trusted the police and I was determined.
So we even held a "press interview" with my children to urge the investigation against my husband.
And we even appeared in a program and news that people commonly know.
We were interviewed by various shows but all we were told was to wait and we were only given a news that my husband was stopping the show from airing.

Later, my own family joined in as a witness on my husband's side saying that their son in law was innocent and I was the one that was insane.
So the police dropped the case.

How can this happen?

I wanted to hang myself in front of the police to reveal the truth. But NO ONE listened to us. Not even now.

Afterwards, my kids and I decided to report those who constantly visited and raped us. We already reported around 30 people all over the country. We can't remember those who only came once or twice so we're planning to report those 50-100 people who constantly came by. 

Even now when we are investigated, we are treated like dirt.
To them we're always sinners and they see us as if were bugs.
They don't listen to anything that the kids or I say as if we're lying and unitarily ignore me when I say anything. They refuse to properly continue the investigation.

When we request for a confrontation investigation, they simply say no and don't even let us meet him. And they say everyone that we've reported so far all are given "truth" from the lie detector.

How is it possible that all those 30 people that we reported are given "truth" ?
So are they implying that what WE say is a lie?

The police refuses anything that we request and so they just put those people that raped us as acquitted.

If they're truly innocent, who was my son, that has been hospitalized since 2014 to 2015 June, raped and abused by?
My elder son suffers from "post traumatic stress disorder" and "sexual assault" and it appears to be difficult for him to fully recover.

I fully admit my mistakes and sins.
I was part of that organization and I am responsible for not having my kids get out of that group and reporting this matter so late. So I will take any punishment.
But I just wish to reveal the truth of my kids who had been suppressed and raped since young.

I have no power, money, ability or anyone to ask for help.
All I know how to do is sell my body or die.

If we can't reveal the truth... my kids will live in distrust and trauma and maybe make a bigger mistake than their father in the future.

The group that I stayed in is like an organization and a big business, with various places for prostitution nationwide.
Even now, they are doing prostitution and extorting money from kids to adults.

The people involved in this sexual assault have diverse occupations so they are able to protect their secret from leaking.

They're are some innocent people who were threatened to stay in the group from being fooled with stimulant/sleeping pills in coffee, but there are also others who are addicted to this business and enjoy this. This is how the secret is maintained.

That is why all those times that he has been caught, he gets help from the officials and police to put the blame on other people and escape suspicion. 

Although we've only reported around 30 people by far, we will continue to fight the police to reveal the truth.

That's all I can do for my kids as a mother and I would be happy to die in the hands of my sons when they grow up and become independent.

Please help me reveal the truth...


Source: Pann

1. [+385, -6] If this post is really true, this is literally a mental breakdown. It's too disgusting to even use as a movie plot. I almost threw up reading this.

2. [+376, -9] I remember reading a news article about this a few months ago, I think she's who they were talking about. I guess the issue isn't resolved yet.

3. [+358, -4] I was so shocked reading this that I wondered if I was reading it right...

4. [+186, -1] I've reported the matter to the newspaper and I hope many will do the same so that those responsible will help her.

5. [+175, -2] If this is true, she should also upload this to other sites like Naver and Daum. The more people read this, the better, because it's the views that make the media take attention and report on it. It's not too late to get help if this entire story is true.

6. [+141, -0] This story is so goose bump inducing that I want to believe it's fake... please report it to the TV show 'To Know the Truth'...

7. [+121, -0] I almost threw up reading this;;; I seriously thought this stuff only happened in the most perverted Japanese mangas, how could this happen in real life.. how have you lived all this time.. I'm amazed that you've even remained sane in all this. How could he do this to his kids and wife.. I can't even put into words. Are they psychopaths? Bastards not even worth calling human...


1. [+68, -0] Thank you for the English translation, I'll be reporting it to BBC :) Hopefully anyone who can report this to CNN can help out as well! The kids are apparently American citizens!

2. [+57, -0] Wow, I hope many foreigners read about this ㅠㅠㅠ it may be embarrassing to our country but we need all the help we can get... Korea can only do so much to help its people..

3. [+44, -1] I live in Europe and I'm planning to meet with some European journalists tomorrow. I cannot stand just watching this.


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