JYP's 'Sixteen' survival, how far is too far?

Article: 'Sixteen', this is just going too far... JYP's debut battle is more cruel than YG

Mydaily via Naver

1. [+4,881, -152] Even if they're a minor team, I don't think it's fair to purposely give them a small, smelly dorm with trash strewn around it.

2. [+3,779, -381] You could really feel the tension between the members. Even if it isn't explicitly spoken, you can tell that a woman's true enemy is another woman.

3. [+3,044, -52] Dividing them as major and minor... such a cruel survival battle indeed. Not one for the average person to endure.

4. [+3,176, -624] One thing's for sure and it's that the members are lower in skill level compared to YG trainees. I expected something of 'Win' or 'Mix & Match' level ㅠㅠ but they all need to work a bit harder

5. [+657, -29] I don't think competition of this level is good for girl groups. For guy groups, sure they'll compete and everything but they'll be cool with each other once it's all done and over but girls tend to hold on to grudges longer. I feel like the better member will be the target of jealousy and bullying... and I'm a girl myself, I'm not trying to put girls down but isn't that how it jus tis?

6. [+608, -10] I wonder if teams that are made like this even have any friendships or loyalty ㅠㅠㅠ

7. [+437, -41] I felt bad for Ji Hyo. She was so cute when she was younger but grew uglier with her cheekbones growing out and everything ㅠ She doesn't look like a girl group member at all, she looks old.

8. [+431, -49] Even if you put idols through all this tough competition, I find that they're not all that talented even after they debut... I mean, you look at the Wonder Girls and their talents weren't all that outstanding..

9. [+317, -10] Training for 10-15 years doesn't matter when you have kids like Suzy who trained for a few months doing better than the longest trainees like G. Soul

10. [+299, -27] I actually like the tension. It might seem cruel but this is a great opportunity in the end for the trainees to get their faces and names out there. They have nothing to lose from it. Even if they don't debut, they get recognition out of it and can debut in another agency if all else fails. There are so many ex-JYP trainees in the industry so the opportunities are obviously there. They're all young and pretty so fighting! There are many paths to take even if it's not this debut so I hope they don't forget that they're still young flowers with much time left to bloom!

11. [+232, -4] YG provided their trainees with psychologists for their survival competition, I think JYP needs to do this too... Like, do they really need to promote all of this heated competition even after seeing that DSP trainee who commit suicide? Guys make up easily after fights but it's different for girls...

12. [+215, -21] I honestly think it's going too far with kids who haven't even debuted yet. Different cars, different dorms, and even their training periods... For a company that emphasizes their great training tactics, I don't think this reflects that.