Jessica Alba reveals she's been eating kimchi since she was 4

Article: 'Entertainment Relay' Jessica Alba, "I've been eating kimchi since I was 4... I love Korean food"

OSEN via Naver

1. [+3,624, -59] This is why both Hollywood stars and viewers would rather Eric Nam do the interviews.. Entertainment Relay, come on;;

2. [+3,050, -60] Yeah... shows that knowing English isn't all there is to getting a good itnerview. Why do you think stars always go crazy over Eric Nam. He asks questions that bring out the true charms of that star so of course all of the Hollywood stars praise him and get his number and follow him on SNS..

3. [+2,636, -49] There's a reason Eric Nam gets praise from Hollywood stars...

4. [+2,148, -189] What if Jessica Alba actually likes kimchi? I don't know why Koreans are always so suspicious whenever a foreigner says they like something about Korea. Jessica Alba said she likes kimchi but doesn't like soju so clearly she's not saying it as lip service.. and a lot of vegetarian foreigners actually like kimchi. You should all be proud that foreigners like something about our culture intead of bringing it down all the time.

5. [+203, -16] The interview is so bad... we don't even ask non-celebrity foreigners if they like kimchi or soju anymore. Get your interview game up..

6. [+191, -17] Can someone please file a complaint to KBS, ugh;;

7. [+180, -13] I get that kimchi represents our country but do we really have nothing better to ask than about kimchi? ㅡㅡ;;

8. [+161, -20] So disgusted with "Do you know~" questions............

9. [+141, -16] Ugh, that kimchi question again... embarrassment to our country.

10. [+105, -3] I want to slap whoever asks about kimchi with a piece of kimchi

11. [+71, -5] Are we really still sitting down foreigners and asking if they know kimchi...? Aigoo~~~~~

12. [+63, -12] Can I apologize on behalf of Korea.. ㅜㅜ