70% of domestic adoptions are girls... boys get adopted overseas

Article: Severe state of female adoption preference in Korea... 70% of domestic adoptions are female, males get adopted overseas

Source: SBS via Nate

1. [+789, -74] Having a son only has meaning if he's your own blood line... to just raise, a baby girl is a lot cuter, which is why I think families prefer girls.

2. [+663, -66] It's not like an adopted son can continue your family line. If you're going to raise a baby for the rest of your life, I'm sure families would prefer an aegyo-filled daughter than a quiet and reserved son.

3. [+77, -12] I've heard the term 'daughter babo' a lot but I've never once heard of a 'son babo'.

4. [+64, -23] Little boys are so hard to raise, they're so rambunctious~ -_-

5. [+59, -4] I remember when my grandma was sick, all of my aunts took terms taking care of her but my uncles didn't do anything. I think that's why families prefer daughters.

6. [+53, -5] I'm a male myself but I'd also prefer adopting a girl

7. [+48, -11] Honestly, raising a daughter is a lot more fun.. there's also a lot more to risk when raising a son. What if he grows up to hang out with Ilbe users and stuff... you pretty much have to consider him dead to you.

8. [+42, -4] I think daughters are more conscious of their parents than sons are


Source: Naver

1. [+2,622, -135] Good for the baby boys, they don't have to serve in the army if they're adopted overseas. Have a good life in a real advanced country.

2. [+2,552, -319] I feel like families might instinctively choose baby girls because they're weaker and specifically having a son doesn't matter if he can't continue your blood line..

3. [+2,608, -674] Even in the past when families preferred having sons, people much rather preferred adopting baby girls... They help with the family a lot more when they're older whereas men are pretty much useless.

4. [+1,993, -621] Don't daughters help out a ton more when they're all grown up? Even my mom always tells me, "I wish we had a daughter in the house~" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+692, -43] I also think the rebellion rate of adoptees have a lot to do with it. If they hit puberty and start rebelling over being adopted and whatnot, it's a lot harder to control a male out of line than female.

6. [+650, -73] The male preference is a thing of the past. Newlyweds nowadays mostly want daughters.

7. [+620, -65] Little girls are a lot more caring and can connect better emotionally than little boys. When they grow up, they can also go shopping and to the saunas with their moms... Nowadays, there's no wall in society just for being a woman so families prefer girls to boys.

8. [+541, -23] Male preference was only a thing when families in the past cared about continuing the family line... nowadays, you raise a boy and girl there's barely a difference and no one cares about continuing family lines.