Woollim denies Seo Jisoo leaving Lovelyz, will be back for next comeback

Article: Lovelyz reps, "Seo Jisoo's leave is an unfounded rumor... she will be coming back with the next album"

TV Report via Naver

1. [+1,417, -32] Woollim's not the type of company that would stay quiet if investigation results proved in favor of them ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+1,341, -205] Lovelyz failed anyway

3. [+968, -26] Yeah well let's see if she really does comeback with them

4. [+950, -16] Don't care about the comeback, we care about the investigation results

5. [+913, -19] Woollim used to respond so fast to this scandal but now they're so slow

6. [+185, -12] Five years later: Seo Jisoo did not leave the group. She will just not be participating in this album.

7. [+159, -7] The company's going about this the wrong way. Should've either cut her from the group from the start or had her promote with them from the start. It's weird for her to come in in the middle and makes it uncomfortable for everyone.

8. [+167, -15] Should just kick her out...

9. [+167, -17] If they let her comeback, they're just going to drop Lovelyz's image to rock bottom

10. [+136, -19] Forget it, the seven are just fine as they are

11. [+123, -15] I was starting to like the group because I heard they took Seo Jisoo out but now I don't like them because she's still with them =_= Sigh, even I could make a better girl group, what's up with the groups nowadays... always picking the worst members

12. [+102, -16] Well they certainly benefitted off of her promotion wise.

13. [+86, -3] Forget the comeback, what about the investigation results? They used to media play so much about taking legal action and now they're not saying a word.


Source: Nate

1. [+84, -10] Woollim-ah, are you crazy

2. [+59, -2] They should get the scandal sorted out first. Give us updates on what the police are saying with the investigations...

3. [+45, -2] I like how their debut album didn't get any attention so they focus their comeback on this 'shocking' scandal