[Pann] Companies cast trainees specifically to provide sexual services?

Pann: Companies cast trainees specifically to provide sexual favors

Q: Is it true that some companies cast celebrity trainees specifically to provide sexual services?

Entertainment agency rep: There are trainees that are cast into a pleasure group.

Entertainment agency rep: They're the type of trainees that would be considered pretty by any non-celebrity

Entertainment agency rep: But professionally, they lack in some areas to fully debut as celebrities. They usually get picked into pleasure groups.

Companies will split trainees into those that have the looks and talents to debut and those that don't. The ones that don't are used to provide sexual services and later kicked out of the company. They're basically used to open up opportunities for their real trainees.


1. [+45, -2] This is why they say the entertainment industry is dirty...

2. [+27, -1] That's so cruel... they're probably thinking that they'll become celebrities one day too

3. [+25, -1] I don't know about the bigger companies but smaller ones whether you're a celebrity or a model are forced to deal with sponsors. Sponsors are a necessity in the industry to get anywhere. Celebrities will either work with many different sponsors or just one. NS Yoonji's pretty and good at live but people think she's not getting anywhere because she doesn't use sponsors.

4. [+16, -0] I was a trainee at a small agency for three years and I had to give up my dreams after realizing how dirty everything was. At our company, the trainees were divided into 'effort group' and 'practice group'. The people at the company called the effort group unnis the 'pleasure group'. Now that I think about it, I think that group was to provide sexual favors. They'd always say they had to check clothes fits and sizes and dress them in skimpy clothing and take them somewhere every weekend. The industry's dirty.

5. [+10, -1] It's undeniable that companies definitely favor trainees that they know will become a big star.