[Pann] 'Blanc & Eclare' ads in Chinese malls

Reader request.


Pann: Wow, Jessica at Chinese shopping malls

1. [+50, -18] Jessica seems to have really strong self pride. She thinks she must look classy and luxurious or something. For her sunglasses brand to take place at luxury stores, she as a model doesn't fit the class/looks too cheap. Her pictures make the place look like some low-mid range shopping mall. As a designer and as a model, she has no value to her name without SNSD attached to it. I wonder what she's so confident about?

2. [+48, -3] She's obviously advertising her own brand. I doubt fans actually did all of this for her ㅋ Anyway, these pictures look boring. Can't even tell if she's advertising herself or a product.

3. [+41, -1] Seems like marketing. If fans really did all of this for her, she would've said something on Weibo about it.

4. [+12, -3] Wow... Jessica just took the entire place over

5. [+10, -0] Jessica's screwed if this venture goes wrong. No wonder she's so desperate to hang on to her Chinese fans, so she can sell one more product.

6. [+7, -17] A Korean person is doing well in another country, what's so wrong about that... sounds more like something to congratulate to me.

7. [+6, -11] Whatever, I think she'll be fine