Akdong Musician confirms that their contract prohibits plastic surgery

Article: 'Healing Camp' Akdong Musician, "It's true that our YG contract prohibits plastic surgery"

10asia via Nave

1. [+2,825, -67] I hope they really never get any work done!!! Give me back the Bom face that I loved!!!

2. [+2,496, -41] Why didn't he stop 2NE1 ㅠㅠ

3. [+2,113, -41] They're not the type of faces that will get any prettier after plastic surgery. They're cute the way they are now.

4. [+1,673, -57] Why not Park Bom...

5. [+1,414, -68] Yeah, you can tell from their faces that they're amazing musicians

6. [+204, -4] Soohyun-ah, this unni loves you so never lose that clean, innocent image

7. [+177, -7] No plastic surgery for Soohyun ㅋㅋ Cute the way she is now

8. [+169, -10] They honestly both are ugly. I remember going huk~ when I first saw them.. but seeing them more made me see the cuteness inside the girl's ugliness and as for the guy, he's just straight up ugly but he's unique and I like that. I have to look at plastic surgery monsters all day long so seeing their faces has a healing effect and gives you a sense of innocence. They look innocent and nice.. like nature amidst manmade productions.