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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Swings "playfully" posts distasteful execution parody video because he's a dumbass

Article: Swings uploads SNS video of execution, is it really just an immature joke?

Ilgan Sports via Naver

1. [+7,063, -186] He's showing his true colors, that's all

2. [+6,160, -187] He's saying he had no intentions by this video... That doesn't excuse him from it. Does he think this is funny? Is the tragedy of another country funny? Does fooling around like this make him happy? This upsets me.

3. [+6,003, -239] This nameless fatty has gone off his rocker ㅋㅋ

4. [+5,452, -179] He acts exactly as you would a hip hop thug to act.

5. [+4,423, -180] Just as you think his career's picking up... tsk, should've been more careful.

6. [+876, -32] He seemed like such a tryhard on Show Me the Money ㅋㅋㅋ Proving himself to be a psycho all on his own

7. [+759, -22] Your true colors will show no matter how hard you try to hide it

8. [+512, -11] There's no reason to excuse him for being immature because he's old enough to know that it's wrong. He's just thoughtless.

9. [+474, -16] Just exile him from the industry... Don't show any interest or attention... Trash..

10. [+429, -13] So what if it was a playful joke, the fact that he thought it was okay to upload on SNS just shows he's dumb.



  1. 6. [+62, 89] Totally daebak!!!!!!!!!! How could the song be so exciting and addictive~ They always only used Park Jin Young's songs... and this proves that they can write their own!!!

    oh god ahahahaha

  2. Go watch the MV. It's actually pretty good. I don't think the positive comments were from company staff. I mean... why? Not like one article's comments are going to do anything. Waste of time. :/ More likely, it's fans & after watching the MV, I'd be right up there with the positive commenters. The MV was fun. I loved it & I'm not even a 2pm stan.

  3. JYP goes to see a doctor

    JYP: *whispers* Dr. Im not feeling well
    Dr: Well I can see you're nuts

  4. Nate users hate everyone.

  5. Um... trust me my biases are all more popular to 2pm and I know what it means to have a shitty song and ride by the name. Just because I'm not a hottest doesn't mean I hate 2pm I loved their songs prior to 2012. Recently they've been getting crappier songs.

    And yes there are several idols (none of which are my bias) who can and have written better songs than this.

    I hope you're a troll. Pray for your recovery from delulu land

  6. Honestly I was expecting hateful comments too. Fans and staff are much nicer to read

  7. this song sound like a club house song.. good for clubbing but i can't help but feel its missing 2%.. i wish the chorus was a bit more addictive or the song a little more hype

  8. This song is now my current jam

  9. But CBWYHTS is more like an appetizer to the main course. ADTOY is still their "main title track".

  10. Still pressed that people did not appreciate it in Korea.