Intense idol competition forces girl groups into taking extreme schedules

Article: Whether you're a 'star' or 'unknown', the tragedy of the girl group competition

Source: Korea via Naver

Article talks about how the increase in girl group competition forces the lesser known rookie groups into taking up extreme schedules since opportunities are slim. One variety PD said, "Unlike adult singers or boy groups who can perform at night clubs and other night entertainment centers, girl groups need to maintain a 'girly' image so they can't just perform anywhere. As such, every single stage no matter how small at college festivals or broadcasts matter and we have to go if called."

Because of the nationwide travel required, most girl groups need to speed to get there on time. One PD added, "PDs don't care where girl groups are at any given moment. If they demand that you get from Busan to Seoul in two and a half hours, you have to go. That's why some stars will even use an ambulance."

For smaller agencies, the situation's even worse. A manager said, "Small agencies use one manager whenever a girl group is relocating. Singers can at least sleep in between schedules but managers have to keep on driving through the fatigue, causing them to doze off on the road."


1. [+5,516, -132] Some train for as long as seven years to stand on a debut stage... and by then it's too late to start learning for a new career path or to quit. I feel bad for celebrity trainees.

2. [+5,227, -26] You can't blame road managers because they're basically working like dogs from morning to morning driving the girl groups everywhere. You need at least two to switch off but most don't even get a chance to rest. Managers work five times harder than celebrities.

3. [+480, -8] The PDs are a problem ㅡㅡ Demanding Seoul to Busan in two and a half hours? How is that possible? They think anything they say should go.

4. [+324, -3] There's a reason celebrities ride vans.. there are more safety features that prevent big accidents. TVXQ and Wanted got into similar accidents but TVXQ was riding a van and got injuries while the Wanted member died because he was riding a Starex.

5. [+192, -2] Demanding two and a half hours from Seoul to Busan... Shows the reality of Korea and its lack of consideration for safety.

6. [+191, -1] Seems PDs are on a power trip because idols are at their disposal. Please think of every idol as your family member.

7. [+160, -3] Celebrities may look like top stars with impressive lives on the outside but they work like dogs underneath it all.. Only for the agency to keep all the money too.