[Instiz] Girl group caught working at 'Tenpro'

Instiz: Brave Journalists reveal secret part time job of a girl group

(From December 2013) An agency found itself in a financial rut before their new girl group's debut so they decided to send the girls off to work at 'Tenpro' (high-end sex industry workers that stands for the top 10% of women representing beauty and intelligence, kind of like escort girls, you can read more here). They didn't provide sexual services but did work with men.

With the increase in income, the girls also began spending more on themselves (make up, clothes, etc). When they finally did debut, however, they could not fix their spending habits to adjust to their new smaller income and continued working at Tenpro behind their company's back.

The problem came when a producer their CEO had introduced them to earlier recognized them working at Tenpro. The girls fled the scene immediately but it was too late and the producer told on them to their CEO.

Soon rumors spread in the industry that the CEO sends his girl group to Tenpro and the girls got in trouble for it.

Currently, the company is doing well despite the rumors and the girls are said to still keep in contact with other Tenpro workers.


"Ah... I don't have a clue who it is but I don't think I want to know either.."

"The entertainment industry is already so connected with the sex industry that it's not even that surprising."

"I guess you can look for an agency that wasn't well off before their debut and are doing better after.."

"I honestly have no clue..."

"I remember reading stuff about the Tenpro before, it's horrifying..."

"Not Girl's Day because their company was taken over by Yedang in 2013 due to debut ^^;"

"Hul, why Tenpro..ㅠㅠ"