[Pann/Instiz] Collection of Taeyeon/Baekhyun's Instagram codes + Sones respond to scandal

Pann: Organization of Taeyeon and Baekhyun's proof posts

1. Similar Instagram IDs and Baekhyun's specific stylization of 'ExO'

This was the first stage in which fans got angry. EXO is obviously the name of Baekhyun's group, and other members stylized the name on their Instagrams as 'EXO SE HUN' etc. Baekhyun is the only one to specifically stylize it as 'ExO'. Why? Because the 'E' and the 'O' in Korean look like 'ㅌ' and 'ㅇ' (Taeyeon's name in Korean 태연)... obviously standing for Taeyeon's 'T' and 'Y'. Fans were angry to see that Baekhyun would use his group name as a code for his girlfriend.

2. Taeyeon's post marks the start of their relationship. "I like you. Can I like you?"

3. "The trip for my dreams, pikachu"

This was the second stage in which fans got angry. At the time of Baekhyun's post, it was the last day of EXO's concert, after Wu Yifan had left. Fans had a slogan event called 'This is the beginning', the same slogan held up by Baekhyun in the picture, along with the text, "This is the beginning! For my dream! The trip for my dreams! Pikachu! This is the beginning!"

Fans at the time had thought that he was starting anew with them by leaving the Kris scandal in the past.

As it turned out, Baekhyun used this event made by his fans as a code with his girlfriend. Taeyeon had previously written on Instagram, "Fresh. This is my beginning now for my dream~ The trip for my dreams pikachu"

4. 'Euri'

Baekhyun: 'Eu! Euri!
Taeyeon: 'Very eurieurie shikye drink! euri #euri'

When fans were abuzz with what this could possibly mean, not many believed it because even to the regular eye, it might look forced (since all they're using is the same word).. but looking back on it now, this was once again a code between the two of them.

5. Fan gifts

Look at the cup. Unique, isn't it? It was specially produced for Taeyeon by her fans. How dare she use 'Taeng kyung very mang ching (thank you very much)' on a post about her fan gifts? Taeng is Taeyeon's nickname while Kyung is Baekhyun's nickname. Sones got very angry over this since 'Taenggo' and 'Baekyung' are popular nicknames for the both of them. 'Taeng kyung' is obviously a code for the two of them.

6. Oreo

The day before the dating news broke out, Taeyeon posted up a picture of an oreo on her Instagram. Obviously Baekhyun's name stands for black and white

7. Baekhyun's birthday

On Baekhyun's birthday, she uploaded a picture of birth flowers along with a heart.

8. Yoona, Taeyeon, Suho, and Baekhyun went to see Seohyun's musical

Despite the fact that Suho had seen it the day before, he went again with Baekhyun.

9. Random picture of light at a beauty salon

Taeyeon randomly uploaded a picture of her beauty salon lights on her Instagram. As you know, EXO have supernatural powers. Baekhyun's is light. This, again, caused fans to be abuzz with speculations.

10. 'Kyahing'

The most famous scandal. Taeyeon used the word 'kyahing' a lot with her fans (it doesn't mean anything, just a cute expression). For EXO's two year anniversary, Baekhyun used the word 'kyahing' while talking with his fans on the official homepage for a fan event.


Source: Pann

1. [+415, -34] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ So he was going on dates after Wu Yifan left and EXO was busy redoing their choreography ㅎ So are you 35 now? Because of your words, EXO is now about to fall apart ㅎ

2. [+361, -84] Why EXO ㅡㅡ Baekhyun, you ba$tard, do you think you're in any position to be dating right now? Do you realize what situation your team is in? It hasn't even been that long since your debut and you're dating?

3. [+315, -10] They've been making it obvious for months now tsk

4. [+160, -2] The 'E'x'O' is so shocking. No matter how obvious he wanted to be, how could he use his team name like that;;; Suho-ya, find strength ㅠㅠ

5. [+145, -6] I don't get why celebrities are so against going public but go out of their way to make it this obvious. Do they take people for fools ㅋㅋㅋ ㅡㅡ


Pann: Sones respond to Taeyeon and Baekhyun's dating

(I'm going to summarize the two main points because it's really long)

We don't care that you're dating. We don't feel betrayed over you dating. There are two points, Taeyeon-ah, to why I'm disappointed. Will you read it, please?

1. You said that Taengstagram was made for you to communicate with your fans. The original intent of it has now changed. Going on dates in an open car is fine. But Taengstagram? You said you started it for your fans. Your fans laughed at every single letter and emoticon you used on your Instagram and worried and felt grateful for you. I know that not every post was made specifically for us but we were still fooled. At least a couple times. That's what makes me mad. Instagram is not a necessity for you dating. You are an SNSD member with hundreds of fans. You should not have done that. Your instagram is a place where only your fans look to you... You should've only looked to us too. That's why you made it, after all.

2. Fans are getting the feeling that SNSD is something only we want to protect. SNSD is made up of nine of you but what's the point without Sones? What's the point of idol groups without fans? We wish the best for you, for your happiness. We invest our time and money and love into you to ensure you the best. Just for the reason that we like you. We shield you, we hurt for you, we support you, we love you, all the while getting hate. We use our precious time in our lives, our emotions, just to protect SNSD. Through all the scandals, through fans leaving, through inactive fanpages... Even though things aren't what they used to be, the rest of us still here do our best for you. We do it in the hopes that you guys don't fall behind. That's how SNSD has made it this far. We've made it this far.

But that was only possible without any issues to SNSD. What are we to do when antis use words that are justified and we have no way to shield you? This year, everything the antis are saying were brought on by your actions. Us fans no longer know where to go.

You know what it feels like? It feels like we spent all day outside fighting with people who talk down my unni/dongseng/family. We come home to be consoled by our family but our family is too busy doing other things to care. We spent our day outside fighting for you but you don't care. That's how it feels.

We love SNSD. We love your songs, your history. You're our singers. We had hope that you'd be different from the other singers. But we guess not. We guess SNSD is uncomfortable for you now. It's too restricting. Now that you're all successful with enough wealth to live on, SNSD is not as important as your personal freedom. That's how it looks like to us.

Now it just feels like us fans are fools, not fans. We feel betrayed. Or, more specifically, we look like fools to the eyes of others... not that it matters. But why does it feel like the SNSD we work so hard to love and protect is looking at us like fools too? I can't be a Sone if this continues.

SNSD, this is the same as you yourselves getting rid of Sones. ...


1. [+265, -4] I'm sure they had more than enough personal SNS space to communicate between the two of them; Did they have to make it this obvious. By making fools of their fans? They brought this upon themselves.

2. [+224, -8] The reason Sones and EXO fans are so disappointed in you is not because you're dating. You two are in your twenties, not every fan would be against you dating. But the actions you showed us.. posts that we thought you uploaded for us to see, nicknames we gave you... To turn it all into secret codes for each other, masking them as messages to your fans. It makes me so sad and angry that you deceived us. Baekhyun, your promise to wait until 35.. You were the first one in EXO to break it. Taeyeon, all of those messages we thought you were sending us, the same messages we laughed and worried over... Do you not see how we feel? You two practically begged to have your relationship recognized and we recognized it and now we're hurt. Is this what you wanted? We heard your voices and were so happy for you...

3. [+170, -2] Taeyeon-ah, think for a second why people are reacting so differently to your dating news compared to the other members' dating news... Other than a few antis, everyone congratulated and supported the other members' relationships. But just how much pain did you give your fans that fans who braved four dating scandals are broken down like this over yours?


Pann: Taeyeon's amazing if you think about it..

Going on a date in an open car like that. She basically made it clear that she didn't care if she got caught. What a strong heart she has.

1. [+178, -9] A woman knows a woman best. She's a fox disguised as a bear. Baekhyun-ah, Taeyeon-ah~ Dating's fine but you made a fool of your fans ㅜㅜ Especially Baekhyun, for him to use fanmade placards 'This is the beginning' for that? Please go all the way to marriage ^^ Just how much of a joke did you think of your fans that you made it that obvious on SNS? You thought nothing of your fans but as money machines, yeah? So much hate being written on your Instagrams right now ㅋㅋㅋ You all honestly deserve it. I hope EXO can go as 10 members. To think of the joke you made your fans... It makes me speechless! Taeyeon, the expected junior killer~ Taeyeon, you made it too obvious. Goose bump inducing, really. Have a fun life to the of you. And screw off, lastly. Talk about betrayal!

2. [+133, -14] Taeyeon obviously doesn't care since she's 10 years into her debut ㅋㅋㅋ but does she not have any consideration for Baekhyun who's barely three years in? I can't even shield this, I've just lost all respect for them.

3. [+123, -12] Taeyeon seems immature for her age. Baekhyun's obviously at the height of his popularity right now and has a strong 'boyfriend image' with the females. It looks like she wanted to show off that she's dating him. If she really loved him, she'd recognized that he's at a stage in his career where he can make the most money and that dating news would hinder that... Baekhyun-ah, you're no different. You were so crazed to make it obvious, little codes hidden deep within your Instagram everywhere. Happy 35th birthday. It's not our position to tell you to leave the group but don't you dare act so wise in your interviews from now on.


Instiz: The current state of Baekhyun's musical... influx of ticket refunds/sales

Whole bunch of Baekhyun's 'Singin in the Rain' musical ticket sales on auction sites.

"This was a grave mistake on their end."

"Made a joke out of their fans... sigh."

"I can understand why..."

"Baekhyun, this is where you're supposed to be. Rock bottom. Fans shielded your disgusting past to the best they could and you betray them like this? ㅋㅋㅋ Your autism comment, your underage smoking, underage drinking.. I was the fool to shield all of that. ㅜㅜ Don't you dare show your face on Inkigayo or anywhere else because I don't even want to see an inch of you."

"The result of you making a fool of your fans. Wake up to reality and apologize."

"Well deserved."

"I refunded as well. I cannot see his face in this current state."

"You brought this upon yourself."

"Us fans covered your past for you... You shouldn't have done this. Date all you want, but why create codes with your girlfriend in a place meant for you to communicate with your fans?"

"He deserves it. I wouldn't want to see his face either. EXO fans are not leaving the fandom because the illusion is shattered or whatever... They're leaving because he made a fool of them."