Lee Hyori promotes cloth pads for women on her blog

Article: Lee Hyori even recommends female products on her blog

Ilgan Sports via Nate

1. [+1,370, -154] People should refrain from posting hateful comments because she obviously did not post this for males to read. Women who care about the environment have shared this kind of information with each other for a while now. Normal pads aren't good for women's bodies and cause bad cramps so I go out of my way to use cloth pads no matter how lazy I get. It's great information to share with women to better help the environment so please don't hate on her. The journalist's exact intention was to post this and get her hate.

2. [+1,111, -135] She may be a famous figure but it's just her blog. Why call her a tryhard for posting about her life on her blog? Her posting on her blog is not a problem... journalists reposting it into articles is the problem.

3. [+874, -97] People criticizing her for promoting it... ㅋ Isn't promoting something good for the environment a good thing? She's not making a business off of it or naming a specific brand. She sewed it and made it herself with natural materials. Why judge someone's lifestyle?

4. [+98, -79] Make sure you use cloth diapers when you have a baby too ㅋ

5. [+61, -7] It's really hard to use and manage cloth pads but women go through it to lessen cramps and a lot use it like Lee Hyori to protect the environment. I don't know why men are responding so negatively to something that is natural to women and I'm sad that the journalist posted this up like bait to hate on her.

6. [+54, -47] I don't know how the busy modern woman can use this. Yeah sure, Lee Hyori's rich and does nothing at home all day so she has time for this but for a woman to go through four a day and have to carry it all home after work... It's certainly good for you but not fit with our reality...

7. [+48, -5] Journalist, why turn posts meant for her blog readers into articles? Why? People will go to her blog if they're curious about her life, you don't need to put it out in the media like this. Do you have nothing better to write?

8. [+46, -49] Hmm...... I don't know what to say... I get that she's promoting a good thing but... To put up pads that she uses herself like that is kind of weird.