A Pink plans to debut in Japan this fall

 Article: A Pink to debut in Japan this fall... first event on August 4th

Source: OSEN via Naver

1. [+966, -40] Ah... everyone's going to Japan

2. [+740, -149] Whether they do well or not, I'll support them since it's A Pink

3. [+612, -101] They've already decided to go so might as well support them.. ㅠㅠ

4. [+108, -13] Cube's crazy... They still have a long way to go in Korea. Only Jung Eunji and Son Naeun are popular in the group..

5. [+99, -17] Girl's Day will overtake them at this rate.. They should focus in Korea, they're not at a level where their position is stabilized.

6. [+68, -10] Them failing in Japan is better for Korean fans... If they do well, they're going to hold concerts in Japan all the time and come to Korea once a month........

7. [+57, -0] Hallyu's about to fail, don't go to Japan.. Stay in Korea. They're going to lose Korean fans if they go, like KARA for example, and that's even with their success. Success isn't guaranteed so they should stay and maintain their Korean fans... Only Eunji and Naeun are known in Korea. A Pink isn't a group where they have talent like 2NE1 or a fandom like SNSD so stay in Korea.

8. [+50, -7] They shouldn't be worried about whether they succeed or not in Japan, they should be worried about being forgotten in Korea. There are new debuts every day, what do they think they have going for them that they can leave and go to Japan? I love A Pink to death but they're not at the top yet. Even if they were at the top, Japan's still a huge gamble. I hope they reconsider this. Their fans aren't going to sit around waiting.