SM clarifies incident between Hyoyeon and her male friend

Article: SM, "Hyoyeon was joking with a friend... incident concluded as just a happening"

Star News via Nate

1. [+1,502, -55] How far does a joke have to go for it to be reported???

2. [+1,317, -81] Do they expect us to believe this

3. [+1,052, -68] So it was her

4. [+179, -23] The first version of the article already called him her boyfriend ㅋㅋㅋ and later edited to friend ㅋㅋ SM, what're you doing? Are you making up lies now? And who in their right mind jokes about jumping off the second floor?

5. [+108, -9] I bet SM has a lot more controversial things going on inside than T-ara and IU... just that SM's good at blocking them from getting out.

6. [+105, -5] How can they call something that was reported to the police 'just an incident'? Obviously her boyfriend's the thug type and they were in a physical fight before he lost his temper and just went to the police... or like the other rumors say, Hyoyeon was trying to commit suicide and he was trying to make her stop. I can't believe SM thinks they can get away with a clarification like that. At least make up a story, then.

7. [+101, -15] There's another article saying there are rumors of Hyoyeon trying to commit suicide because she's being bullied by SNSD.

8. [+97, -13] SM's story doesn't make sense. Hyoyeon's being bullied in SNSD and she tried to commit suicide by jumping off the second floor before getting caught by her boyfriend. Netizens know this rumor... how can SM think they can cover it up as just an incident?

9. [+86, -15] Hyoyeon's the wrong one in this. She scared her boyfriend into thinking she was going to commit suicide and jump off but he tried to hold her back and got his eye hit in the process... Imagine him finding out later that it was just a joke.

10. [+82, -13] So was that rumor, right? That she tried to commit suicide because she's being bullied? Then this is worse than T-ara

11. [+81, -2] The man reported it to the police because she tried to commit suicide



1. [+7,510, -353] Hyoyeon's dating ㅋ I bet all of the members are

2. [+4,925, -120] So it was Hyoyeon? ㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+4,456, -110] Hul... so it wasn't a prank?

4. [+3,774, -301] I guess they're just coming out with the name in case it affects the other members... I bet they would've kept quiet if it was Yoona but I guess they don't see any point in protecting Hyoyeon and are just throwing her name out there.

5. [+3,662, -221] I doubt SM would've let the media know which member it was if it was anybody else but Hyoyeon... Poor Hyoyeon...

6. [+2,369, -269] If you naver "Hyoyeon daebak incident", you'll see a post written yesterday by someone whose father works at the police station. According to him, Hyoyeon was being bullied in SNSD and tried to commit suicide but the man (whether or not he's her boyfriend is unknown) tried to stop her. The post was written way before any articles about it broke out.

7. [+1,827, -42] There's obviously more to the story that they're no telling us ㅋㅋㅋ what kind of idiot would report someone to the police for being hit in the eye? The article's obviously watering down the actual case... can't trust the media