Ladies Code talks about their similar concept to the Wonder Girls

Article: [Interview] Ladies Code "We resemble the Wonder Girls?"

Source: Naver

"We used standing mics to better give the eighties feel to our concept. Maybe because the mics are round but people compared us a lot to the Wonder Girls seniors. For us, it's an honor, but we think that Ladies Code has our own distinctive clor."

1. [+870, -45] This concept definitely copied 'Nobody'

2. [+462, -45] They have vocal talent and their digital ranking isn't too bad considering their level of public recognition. As long as they pick up a good song, they have the potential to do better.

3. [+444, -33] I thought that it was like the Wonder Girls' concept, but what I mean by that is that their concepts resemble them, not necessarily accusing them of copying them.

4. [+351, -21] I thought they could've done better with 'Pretty Pretty'... but suddenly...

5. [+265, -20] I'm a 'Birth of a Great Star' fan so I'm supporting Ri Se but I'd say the group succeeded for rookies... The problem is that they have to release a hit song at least once a year in order to be remembered amidst the competition. They should come up with a more public friendly song next time.

6. [+78, -5] It's not just the mics that are similar but the dance and the concept.

7. [+69 ,-10] The dance, clothes, song, and mic are a total copy of the Wonder Girls. The song is a blatant rip off, I'm actually embarrassed for them.

8. [+58, -9] Hmm.. I went to check it out and the dance style as well as the song is a rip off of the Wonder Girls ㅋㅋㅋ