A Pink releases music video for 'Mister Chu'

Article: A Pink, the fact that they haven't changed is welcoming... 'Mister Chu'

OSEN via Naver

1. [+1,282, -94] A Pink matches innocent more than sexy concepts

2. [+1,098, -101] The concept matches their age and it's pretty~ I hated seeing girls spread their legs open. A Pink looks pretty. Do well~!!

3. [+871, -82] They've been going with the innocent concept for a while. It's hard to stick to one concept like that but they know what we want ㅋ

4. [+738, -95] Love them ♥

5. [+714, -105] I really like the song. I also like Love Fairytale in the album as well. Mister Chu's daebak...

6. [+144, -37] The timing for this is excellent with all of the sexy concepts and all ㅎㅎ Everyone's tired of sexy concepts and they're able to give people a fresh change of mind

7. [+132, -37] Proves that there are a lot of great concepts other than sexy still left... Chu daebak.

8. [+127, -40] Way better than kids forcing a sexy concept that clearly isn't working for them