Hwayoung interviewed on T-ara again

Article: Hwayoung "I want to have a drink with the T-ara unnis"

Source: Ilgan Sports via Nate

- Can you talk honestly about what happened with your exit from T-ara?

"It's true that my relationship with the members wasn't great but I believe it's the same for any other group, just that it doesn't reach the surface. I don't think our group had especially bad relationships or anything, just the same conflicts anyone else would face while working in society. I made mistakes and so did the unnis. It's difficult to say who made the bigger mistake. Our conflict arose out of misunderstanding."

- You were kicked out of your group. What happened?

"I found out that I was kicked out through an internet article. I turned on the computer and found my name on the live search rankings. I clicked to check it out and found articles talking about how I had left T-ara. It was at the time when I got into a fight with the unnis and I was resting at home so I didn't understand what was going on. I hadn't expected it at all. I asked the company and they told me that I was indeed kicked out. I was upset at first but I could later understand why Kim Kwang Soo CEO had to do what he did. He's like a father to me and took care of me well. I hope to see him again."

- Do you still keep in contact with the members?

"Not yet. But the unnis are busily promoting now and I'll be promoting again soon so I think we'll meet at a broadcast hall someday. I want to ask if they have been well and to find strength. Maybe when more time passes, we'll be able to laugh about the past and about being naive. I want to have a drink with the unnis someday too."


1. [+226, -15] I don't think it will be good for her to continue talking about T-ara....... The journalists should stop asking her about T-ara~ Every article about Hwayoung is always about T-ara...

2. [+215, -35] Well.. T-ara hasn't even acknowledged any of it, nor have they apologized~

3. [+178, -60] If she really cares about T-ara, she shouldn't act like an angel with all these comments about them

4. [+34, -23] You can knock it off now... I felt bad for you at first but you're overstepping lines now.

5. [+31, -13] Hwayoung-ah, your relationship with them has already reached a point of no return. Their happiness is your trial and vice versa... Just stay out of their way. Don't think of grabbing a drink with them. You are still quite naive.

6. [+22, -4] I don't know what the rest of you expect her to say when journalists ask her about T-ara. "They're all b*tches and I want to kill every single one of them!" As if she'd ever say that. She's going to speak nicely of them publicly.

7. [+13, -4] She's only popular because of the black and white logic that since T-ara is bad, Hwayoung must be good.

8. [+12, -8] Stop talking about T-ara already. I bet they hate you so much right now for constantly bringing up the reason they're in the rut they're in now.