Music show PDs explain how they will deal with sexy concepts

Article: What are the 'limits of girl group sexy concepts'? We ask the PDs themselves

Source: Ilgan Sports via Naver

As concepts get sexier and sexier, music show PDs were asked how they are planning to deal with the issue.

'Inkigayo' PD "We don't have tight rules but there are standard lines drawn that we ask people to abide by. We are planning to look at choreography videos and ask for certain moves to be edited or watch their rehearsals and ask for outfits to be fixed. We've already asked girl group companies to keep concepts limited to a point where we won't get in trouble with the review board. We look at whether the concept, choreography, and outfits harmonize and try to help bring that to the forefront but any overly sexually suggestive concepts are denied. When there are sexy moves, we will  try to avoid doing camera close ups on certain body parts or turn it into a full shot."

'Music Bank' PD "During the rehearsals, the CP and PD will check their outfits and choreographies. If there's too much skin exposed, we will order them to change their outfits. If their point choreography is sexually suggestive, we won't do any close ups and pan the camera out as far as possible.

KBS review board "Music Bank is a live broadcast so the system is set up for the CP to make the appropriate judgments. The review board will monitor the program for about a month and hand out the appropriate warnings to the girl group companies in question."

Girl group agency, "With the influx of idols, the competition is heating up. Naturally, more competition means that people are also competing to show more skin. We can't ignore the criticism that it's receiving but their opinions are definitely not our priority."

Another agency rep, "There are times when criticisms against sexy concepts are certainly hot but our method is to avoid using a sexy concept at those times then. We're especially careful lately when criticisms are at its height over the excessive sexy concepts. It will quiet down soon enough. There are also times when the PDs will check thoroughly down to every detail but we can be careful and avoid those times. Broadcast companies are naturally thirsty for viewer ratings so they will let things slide as long as it's not too over the board."


1. [+1,100, -17] It's really harder to find a female singer who doesn't have a sexy concept nowadays...

2. [+1,048, -14] I don't expect them to give up sexy concepts when it's directly connected to their income... They get hated on and called prostitutes but I don't think they even care when hundreds of thousands of dollars are being made off that concept.

3. [+856, -18] We'll soon get concepts where only the private areas are covered

4. [+773, -29] I really don't know where to keep my eyes lately

5. [+627, -106] How about just get rid of the music programs

6. [+208, -16] Girl groups like SNSD, 2nE1, and Wonder Girls never got popular through sexy concepts. Look at A Pink, they're doing just fine without a sexy concept. Sexy concepts only bring momentary gain.

7. [+186, -12] Groups that are meant to be popular will be popular without gimmicks like this... Soshi, 2NE1, f(x), A Pink..

8. [+184, -15] Back in th eday, SES and Fin.KL used to wear suits ㅋㅋ They wore at least four times more clothes than current girl groups but they were still way~ more beautiful