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Article: Kahi's post against her agency "I'm so put off by my manager's reply"

Source: Newsen via Nate + Naver

Kahi basically posted up her manager's text in its entirety on her Facebook and called it off putting because nobody from her company came to her promotion wrap-up party.

"There was a dinner to celebrate the wrap-up of my promotions and nobody from my company came so I told my manager that and he said....

'I believe it's the role of a manager to balance his role between the company and his artist. But as I told you earlier, the managers have other schedules to attend to today and I'm not sure about the directors since I don't know what they're doing but I'm sure that they are also working hard for our company's artists as well. Seung Soo-ssi had no schedules today and was able to attend along with the choreography director, stylist, and hair salon staff since I told them the date and location of the dinner yesterday. Our staff also wanted to attend but because we had other schedules, we were not able to make it.'

What an off putting reply. Jeez..."


1. [+941, -41] Am I reading this wrong? I don't understand why that manager's reply is supposed to sound off putting...

2. [+920, -32] Revealing a private matter publicly like this needs to be calculated properly and only done if you can handle the consequences of such an action... Kahi, you are way past the age of posting things up like this because of a moment's rage.

3. [+904, -39] Why is she posting up a personal text she exchanged with her manager publicly on Facebook? Kahi's personality is so bad

4. [+148, -4] I actually think the manager gave her a very respectful reply, explaining exactly what had happened and why people couldn't attend. Did she want him to throw in a few smiley emoticons to make it more affectionate?;;;

5. [+136, -5] She was probably pissed because he sent her a perfect reply that she couldn't retort... I remember Ali posted on Twitter too that she thought her manager was disrespectful because he saved her name as Ali in his cellphone when he's younger than her. Celebrities think they're above everyone these days...


1. [+648, -30] I really don't see how that was disrespectful... If anything, he showed her the utmost respect. What's so wrong with managers having other schedules to attend to? Does she expect everyone to cancel and drop everything to attend her dinner?

2. [+635, -45] What did she expect? For them to squeeze time out of their day to congratulate her? ㅋ Celebrity disease! And quite immature of her to put this on SNS

3. [+538, -37] I don't get it... They're busy, what's wrong with that?

4. [+319, -12] I'll wrap it up for you guys: "Kahi: How dare! no one come! to my party!"