Sulli criticized for not performing her full choreography

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Article: "Just holding on to her skirt, what is she doing not dancing" Sulli in another attitude controversy

Source: Kukmin Ilbo via Naver

1. [+4,040, -117] For Sulli... It's just expected for her to half a$$ her choreography.. Nothing new or surprising here. She was caught this time at just an outside event but last month, she was pretty much just walking around on stage during their music program performance, barely following any moves. That controversy was bigger than this.

2. [+3,720, -120] I've frequently seen idols not give their all at outside event performances but I've never seen a b*tch like Sulli just deliberately walk around on stage because she's too lazy to do the full choreography on a music program stage. Shocking.

3. [+3,501, -112] Sulli's really such a disappointment lately;;; So many kids would die for a spot on that stage... Just quit your career if you're going to treat it like this.

4. [+2,674, -99] She's in so many attitude controversies, I'm sick of hearing about all of it

5. [+1,074, -30] If she's being paid to perform at these events, she should perform to their standards.

6. [+979, -33] Just don't dance if you don't want to! The rest of the members are really putting their all into each move while Sulli just walks around... she doesn't even try to do the moves, just pretends to do em!

7. [+820, -29] Screw off if you don't want to work. Don't be a nuisance to the people around you. Disappear.

8. [+803, -44] This isn't the first time Sulli's been in controversy over this, nothing new here guys ㅋㅋㅋ


Article: SM reps clarify, "Sulli's attitude controversy? She was in bad physical condition"

Source: MBN via Naver

1. [+629, -33] Why doesn't Sulli ever clarify her own issues herself?

2. [+524, -22] Even if SM's telling the truth, she already has a long history of attitude controversies...

3. [+447, -22] Yeah, we already knew SM would respond this way

4. [+280, -16] What people want is not an excuse but just a simple statement saying she'll work harder next time and an apology. We want her to know exactly what she's doing wrong, not an excuse. There's a reason there are so many articles about her attitude.

5. [+184, -11] Or she was just too lazy to squat and get up

6. [+158, -8] So if she really was sick this time, how are they going to explain the other times she had similar controversies?

7. [+129, -9] She'd avoid so much of this hate if she would just apologize on Twitter instead of uploading selcas all the time. There's a huge problem that she's avoiding, and it's only going to follow her until she acknowledges it and fixes it.

8. [+116, -7] Forget the length of her skirt or her being sick, she should know to clarify and apologize before a controversy like this even arose again. She always lets things like this brew until her company has to step up and deal with it for her.