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Saturday, June 22, 2013

[Instiz] Crayon Pop is no longer based

Instiz: Crayon Pop's tweet is stirring a controversy right now

Crayon Pop: "You guys know that all of you were nomu nomu (intentional misspelling of very very) cool, right? We were really jealous of your fashion ㅋㅋㅋ Our fans are so cute ♥ Thank you and thank you again ^^ - From Wengchong"

The "nomu nomu" is another Ilbe term that they created in negative connotation to the late president No Mu Hyun. The OP put up several screencaps of "nomu nomu" being used by Ilbe users on Twitter.

Crayon Pop's connection to Ilbe is even further cemented by their CEO's old tweet where he and a member mentions browsing Ilbe:

"A disturbing truth I found out yesterday. While talking to a member.. I started laughing at something she said because I could relate to it... but the atmosphere suddenly turned co~ld.. Apparently, that story was only ever up on Ilbe... so I just quietly asked, 'Isn't Ilbe funny?' and she replied 'The.. the comments are so funny there ㅠㅠㅠ"


"Uhh.. Crayon Pop is screwed."


"Okay, up to Crayon Pop's tweet, I thought maybe there could be a misunderstanding because 'nomu nomu' could've been used just to sound cute... but that CEO basically just proved that he and another member browse Ilbe so that's game over right there."

"Aigoo... Crayon Pop... I feel bad for you guys."

"I would've let it go as them trying to sound cute until the CEO basically outed a member as being an Ilbe user on Twitter."

"They need to clarify this."

"That's not the only tweet the CEO mentions Ilbe in. In another tweet [screencap provided], he says, 'I'd like to thank everyone at DC Gallery and Ilbe for supporting Crayon Pop today...'"

"Oh man, they're screwed ㅠㅠㅠㅠ"

"Their CEO screwed them over... They could've had a chance, too.."


"No way, I've been enjoying Crayon Pop lately too ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ"

"Yeah, I've lost any and all interest I ever had in Crayon Pop."

"This wouldn't be as controversial if not for the CEO's tweet... How could they think of talking bad about our dead president like that?"

"Maybe it's noise marketing?"

"So the CEO is an Ilbe user too? Gooooosebumps...."



  1. totally wrong. I'm a Korean and I used to hate Ilbe too but I went into the website and found out it's just a humor website with right-wing political ideology, which I don't agree with since I think all politicians are utter crap. The reason Ilbe is painted as some devil scums is because most of non-Ilbe netizens are left-wings, so they go around spreading some false crap rumors about Ilbe. I don't agree with Ilbe's political ideology, but I have to say it is the most hilarious humor website in Korea. It's more like the 9gag of Korea rather than 4chan. they're not anti-government nor anti-democracy. They were the biggest contributors of spreading right wing ideologies online which got the current Park Geun Hye elected. They voted for her democratically so they can't be anti-government or anti-democracy. Don't trust some crap made up by typical left wing netizens. Here's what Ilbe is all about: Ilbe supports the current ruling party Saenuri Party(right-wing) and the current president Park Geun Hye. The left wing don't like her because she is a daughter of former dictator who is worshiped by Ilbe. Ilbe views the 5.18 Democratic Movement as a riot backed by North Koreans, which is why they label anyone supporting this as the day of Democratic Movement as commies. They actually call every non-Ilbe netizens commies because most non-Ilbe netizens tend to be left-wings. They downgrade people from Jeolla-do by calling them skates, but it's all just a joke. Jeolla-do is "hated" in Ilbe because that's where the 5.18 Democratic Movement(or riot as the Ilbes believe) and it is the only province that would have 98% of its population voting for left-wing party on every election. However, they don't hate all Jeollas as there have been hundreds of members who showed their IDs with their Jeolla address on it. So basically, they like Jeollas if they are on their side. As for hatred on women, they don't hate all women. They hate what they call "Kimchi girls" who are basically feminazis. Ilbe has hundreds of women members as well but they are required to pretend to be men since they don't want any troubles like raping or false accuse of rape which happened in many community website forums before. Many of them take pictures with their girlfriends and post it on Ilbe and they wouldn't have girlfriends if they hated all women. Lastly, some comments here say they're racist, but they're not. They have no issue with multiracialism as long as the immigrants work hard, abide the laws, pay their taxes, and assimilate to Korean culture. They're against multiculturalism and illegal immigrants though. They hated on Little Psy because Vietnamese commit the most crimes out of all immigrants in Korea next to the Chinese. Ilbe actually had an African immigrant member posting his picture on the site letting everyone that he may be black but he is totally Korean in every way and everyone welcomed him as a member. So, there you go.

  2. ^ This is really insightful, everybody should read this.

  3. uh, thanks to this controversy that i got to know them. They're really cuuute!!!

  4. bingbingbingbingbingbingbingbing

  5. being really cool

  6. TASTY is friend whith hyoyeon and yoona

  7. Didn't she call her Black friend (when Alicia is her senior, both in years and in the industry)?