Girl's Day's comeback brings more panty fashion \o/

Article: Girl's Day 'Female President' Yura-Minah's 19+ rated exposure 'thought they were naked'

Source: MBN TV via Nate

1. [+322, -55] Wow fu*k, you think they're wearing panties at all?

2. [+285, -44] I don't get what the title of the song has to do with the lyrics... Since there's a female president now, I'll kiss you first... What...? What does the president have anything to do with this.... and what's up with their outfits?

3. [+188, -23] They weren't like this during Nothing Lasts Forever..

4. [+92, -11] They're really... crazy, aren't they.. They're like porno stars

5. [+78, -13] The last few screencaps are the absolute worst


Article: 'Can you please stop stripping?' Girl's Day's 'panty fashion'... 'exposing is your job?'

Source: Sports Seoul via Daum

1. [+1,801, -59] An excellent article. Since they don't have confidence in their vocals or performance, they keep trying to gain attention through gimmicks like this.

2. [+1,409, -57] I wonder what the limit to their stripping is~~ As a mother of a daughter, I feel bad for them.

3. [+1,183, -41] I'm so sick of groups stripping to make up for their lack of talent... Just put out a porno and call it a day!!!!!!!!!!

4. [+722, -19] I'm curious what they're planning to show the public once they've stripped and stripped and there's nothing left to strip...

5. [+432, -19] Well, all of the sponsor grandpas are probably drooling over this...

6. [+396, -65] Female President -> Prostitute President