[Bestiz] Update on the "Nation's First Love" Sports Seoul rumor

Thanks for all the e-mails, guys!

This Bestiz post shows that a DC Gallery user named Choi Chang Ryul has been making up random rumors and calling them blind items, which were then spread around by netizens until eventually picked up by journalists.

The recent Sports Seoul article on the nation's first love/girl group member with the bad attitude is also one of his made up rumors. The Bestiz user claims that the content of such a rumor was never found anywhere on the internet until written by Choi Chang Ryul on DC Gallery, which can be seen in his post history (another rumor he made up was the one regarding Han Ga In/Kang Dong Won/Yun Jung Hoon), and then picked up by Sports Seoul. These rumors were never formally released as 'blind items'.

"Because of these rumors that are being spread around as blind items, the celebrities who are speculated to be the names mentioned are being terrorized in their related searches. When you search their names, the results you get are all these rumors that have since been spread through Kakao Talk, etc. Choi Chang Ryul needs to take responsibility for turning innocent celebrities into sexual predators and adulterers."

He also tried to drive traffic to his blog by titling his rumors as blind items, etc, and ran around in various galleries writing up controversial posts for attention. I myself am sorry for the confusion this brought about and will try to be more careful in the future. Thanks again for dropping this in my inbox!


Source: Bestiz