Korea reels over the suicide of high school student as more info on his abuse is revealed

Article: Full suicide note of high school student revealed

Herald News via Nate [the same high school student previously posted here]

"Mom, sorry I won't be coming home today. I'm sorry to dad, too.
Nuna, I'm sorry. By the time you guys see this note, I'll be dead...
I'm so sorry I won't be able to apologize to you in person.
My family will have it the hardest when I die.
Mom, dad, nuna, I'm sorry I'm like this.
I'm so naive and maybe a fool, I always forget the things I need.
I even broke my cellphone and lost them quite a few times,
on top of forgetting to bring my school supplies some days.
You probably got annoyed with me when that happened.
But I really love you for always taking care of me. I'll love you forever even after I die.
I'm sorry that your maknae who didn't even study that well is dead.
I'm sorry that I'm dead when I still have so many days and a future left to live.

I'll be writing the reason for my death from this point on.
Police ajusshis, this is where I'll write about the abuse I endured.
If you continue to deal with school violence like the way you are now, you will 100% never be able to resolve it.
In class, in bathrooms, corners, there are so many places where CCTV isn't installed or can't reach.
This is where the torture happens.
From 2011 to now, these are the names of the kids who tortured me.
They normally beat students up in rooms without CCTV or where they know the CCTV will record in bad quality.
I feel that it's an excuse when schools say that they don't have the money to install or upgrade CCTV.
School violence includes physical violence, theft, verbal abuse, cyber abuse, bread shuttles, etc.
What I had to endure was physical violence, theft, and verbal abuse.
If you really want to prevent school violence, you need to make sure that the CCTVs are either upgraded or installed in areas that others can't reach.
Lastly, I'm filled with tears as I write this note uncomfortably from the rooftop and not from the comfort of my own home.
But I love you.
♡ I'm so thirsty. I'm sorry for complaining until the last word.. but can you get me a glass of water...?"


1. [+794, -6] This child seems to have wanted to send a message to society with his death... He sounds so calm and collected in his letter.. He's not at all resentful of what happened to him.. He just wrote down the facts, as they happened..

2. [+688, -9] I'm filled with such anger as I read this note. I wonder what consequences the students will receive when nothing, even ripping their bodies to shreds, is enough for what they've done. They'll probably be sent to juvie for a year or two, those devils. To all the victims of school violence, realize that even if you die, your aggressors will continue living life just fine. So don't die. Instead, kill them. It may be wrong but it's better that the aggressor dies than you.

3. [+656, -3] How lax and faulty is the school's response system for school violence that I can feel his frustration even in a suicide note? Even at his point of death, he's pointing out everything that needs to be fixed, so why aren't the adults listening? How tortured was he that he felt the need to point out the faults in the system even in his suicide note?

Last image of him caught on CCTV

Kyungsan suicide high school student, the torture he faced becomes unveiled... Forced to take his clothes off in the classroom

No Cut News via Nate

1. [+137, -1] They seriously need to make sure that those students can never be a part of society ever again

2. [+83, -3] I hope that his classmates will tell the truth about everything. It's the least they can do for his death.

3. [+61, -4] Criminals do not deserve rights


"High school student's suicide... forced to expose his penis in his classroom"

Source: Yonhap News via Nate

A classmate testified that on July of 2011, a classmate (one of the names mentioned in his suicide letter) forced the student to take out his penis and show it to the entire class. The classmate was a part of a 7~8 member group of iljins who were known throughout the Kyungsan region for their iljin activities.

1. [+237, -2] Forget all the youth protection laws. Strip them down, tie them by the ankles, and hang them up at the rooftop of the school for all to see.

2. [+206, -1] It gives me goose bumps to think that they're even human.

3. [+202, -2] Their parents did not raise human beings but animal ba$tards