jTBC drama's breastfeeding scene under controversy for being 'too sexually suggestive'

Article: 'The War of Flowers' Song Sun Mi, blatant close up of Song Sun Mi breastfeeding under controversy

Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

The jTBC drama 'The War of Flowers' featured a scene on the 23rd where actress Song Sun Mi was breastfeeding her baby one last time before possibly being separated for life. Viewers thought the close up and the exposure were too sexually suggestive.

PDs fired back by saying, "Viewing the scene as sexually suggestive is the equivalent to shaming mothers everywhere. We had no intention of creating a sexually suggestive scene. It's more accurate to see it as a portrayal of maternal love as she feeds her baby one last time before facing an unclear future."

1. [+265, -23] How is a mother breastfeeding her child 'a highly sexually suggestive' scene? I found the scene extremely sad and all the more touching...

2. [+232, -22] I will never understand people who view such beautiful things in a weird way

3. [+181, -18] They obviously aren't seeing the scene as a mother feeding her child one last time before possibly never being able to see him again... All they see is her cleavage and are jumping around calling it sexually suggestive.


Article: Song Sun Mi breastfeeding controversy "Shaming mothers" explanation

Source: SBS via Naver

1. [+435, -18] Stop calling this a controversy when it's not a controversy. You fools are just proving that you have perverted sexual views.

2. [+375, -16] Just 30 years ago, you could freely see mothers breastfeeding in public and no one ever thought it was sexual... But after society became degraded and focused on sex, the exposure of a woman's breast is automatically equated with sexual thoughts.

3. [+222, -12] Disgusting ba$tards thinking disgusting thoughts... What is so wrong with a mother feeding her child. What is even in that head of yours, disgusting perverts?

4. [+188, -5] You know what's more sexually suggestive than this? Teen girls wearing hot pants on music programs and swirling their hips and spreading their legs.


"I think people are missing the point of this controversy. It's not the breastfeeding that's the problem, it's the fact that an actress is out on TV with her cleavage clearly exposed and it's unsightly to see."

"The problem I have with this is why they felt the need to include this scene. I don't have a problem with breastfeeding... but what do they expect viewers to do while the scene is playing? Stare intently at it and feel like a pervert?"

"Look at the child if there's a breastfeeding scene and you don't know what to look at! Why are you staring at the breasts anyway instead of the child?"

"I can see why people would have a problem with this... You rarely see an actress expose themselves like this on TV so it can get uncomfortable having to watch it."

"To all the idiots saying this isn't a big deal, how about you send me a picture of your wife breastfeeding then and we'll see if you're still okay with it."