Behind the scenes of music programs: singers wait in a single file line an hour after the show ends... why?

Article: Singers wait in a single file line at music program waiting rooms... why?

Source: Star Today via Nate

A familiar scene spreads out in the waiting rooms of popular music programs like 'M! Countdown', 'Music Bank', 'Music Core', and 'Inkigayo'. All 100 of the singers who participated in that day's show can be seen waiting in a single file line waiting for a special someone.

The person they're waiting for is none other than the program's PD. As the PD comes down to the waiting room, the singers all begin to bow down 90 degrees while select teams shout out their team name as loudly as possible along with their greeting as he passes by. The entire process takes about 30 minutes after the program ends.

Music programs normally begin at 8 a.m. with rehearsals and pre-recordings. Including the time it takes for the PD to receive all of his greetings, it takes up to 6-12 hours to complete one show. Considering that singers are only paid up to $400 USD per episode, it's a big loss when you take time into account.

One singer's manager said, "We understand having to wait until the end for music programs that give out trophies at the end since all of the singers are required to be on the stage, but even for programs without rankings, we all have to stay behind. The schedule doesn't officially end until you've greeted the PD. Unless you have a special excuse, singers mostly stay behind. Activities after the show are scheduled with the time it takes to greet the PDs in mind."

Greeting the PDs before you leave is a longtime tradition, and it's all in an effort to be viewed favorably by the man of most power. A manager said, "Only 15-20 teams are given the opportunity to perform on that week's music show so the competition is tough. We all try to get on the PD's good side as much as possible, which is why we wait to greet them until the end."

Singers don't have much of a problem with this tradition as they're used to it now, having done it like clockwork since their debut. But for singers who are now 10 years into their careers, opposing opinions are raised.

Singer 'A', who recently came back with a new album, said, "I see it as broadcast officials trying to impose their higher positions on us. It's great that there's a moment at the end to congratulate the singer who wins the #1 trophy, but is it necessary to have every single singer on stage with them? And is it really necessary to wait an hour after a show ends just for the PD to pass you by and receive your greeting? It's a waste of time."

Despite what A said, he/she was also spotted waiting in line after the show had ended due to his/her manager pleading with him/her to stay. A's manager said, "I can understand why singers would feel this way but for managers, it's different. We not only manage our current artists, but other artists as well, and there might come a day where we have to bring a rookie singer and ask a PD for a spot on a show. We don't want to get on the PD's bad side."

For singers, the line stops here, but for managers, there's an extra step they have to participate in. It's become tradition for the managers of singers who either won that week or had a comeback to treat the program's staff out to dinner at the group's own expense.

Although all of this may seem unnecessary, they say there's a reason for it all. "After the program ends, we all greet each other and exchange a few discussions about the show. We'll talk about what needs to be fixed or praise what was done well. We're all partners in creating this show so it's good to get used to each other's faces."

There are, however, some PDs that don't wait after the show for greetings or dinner celebrations.

One idol singer manager said, "Reality is that there aren't a lot of ways to promote rookie singers other than broadcast. Idol singers in particular rely entirely on stage performances to show what they're about so it's understandable that we're all desperate for a slot on the show. It's because of such reality that we're willing to sacrifice other schedules to greet the PD and get on his good side."


"I had no idea that the singers all had to stand in a straight line, not moving at all just to greet the PD... What do they think this is, the army? This is a shock to me, actually..."

"I can't believe the money that singers sweat blood and tears for are being used to treat the PD and staff out to dinner... IU, TVXQ, TEEN TOP... They all have to pay for their dinners just for winning #1. That's ridiculous to me.."

"Seems like this is a must for rookies. I feel bad for them."

"I think this is going a bit too far... It's not like these shows do anything right. They're always screwing up camera angles, slaving the idols for Hallyu concerts, bringing up unnecessary chart competitions.."

"Ridiculous that they have to pay for the dinner of the entire show just because they won #1."

"The PD is basically king."