Another student commits suicide over school violence

Article: High school student jumps to his death 'school violence mentioned in his suicide note'

Source: Yonhap News via Nate

On the 11th, a 15 year old male high school student jumped off the 23rd floor of his apartment. In his suicide note, he said, "Kim bullied me at school."

The student's family had let Kim live with them for half a year because of his difficult family circumstances. The note revealed that Kim and his friends had been bullying him at school for over two years.

The student's father said, "I'd give him a week's worth of allowance and he'd spend it all in a day so I reprimanded him once about not being careful with his spending. He said that he spent it all with his friends, and I should've caught on to what was happening then."

He also mentions in his note that although the school has CCTV installed, there are a lot of areas the cameras don't reach like the bathrooms where he was mostly beat in by Kim and five others.


1. [+136, -0] That Kim guy is an absolute bastard... The family clothes him and feeds him and he pays them back like this... Well, from now on the jail will clothe him and feed him so I hope this ba$tard reflects over what he's done to his bones!!!

2. [+129, -0] They say never to let in a black haired beast into your home.

3. [+85, -1] The adults were right. Never let a black haired beast into your home.

4. [+16, -0] Our country is the best for committing crimes. You can kill someone off and get off with a light sentence just for being a minor. Every single day, there are articles about sexual assault and suicides and yet the law remains the same.

5. [+9, -0] What a fool. If he has the bravery to kill himself, he should kill at least one or two of the guys who tortured him and take them with him to the other world. Why die alone???