[WTF] Journalist mistakes viral video of sexual assault as 'public display of skinship between a couple'

Article: 'Crazy couple' lays in the middle of the road for public display of affection... 'Embarrassment of Busan' 'Why isn't anyone stopping them?'

Source: Kuki News via Nate

Someone on Facebook uploaded a 15 second video that the journalist claims "of a couple showing public display of skinship laying on a popular street in Busan without a care for the eyes of those around them. They look drunk, unable to control their bodies."

1. [+161, -19] They're not a couple... The girl was lying there drunk before the male student came and forced himself onto her

2. [+161, -24] Is this journalist fu*king crazy? One look at the video makes it obvious that the man is forcing himself onto the woman. How can you even see this video and call it a display of skinship between a couple? The journalist is as much of a pig as the guy in the video

3. [+179, -41] I seriously question the people who feel joy out of getting 'likes' by uploading videos like this on to their Facebooks. Would you like it if someone recorded and uploaded a video of your sister getting raped? Onto Facebook, a place where your family and friends can all see? (In the video, you can see the woman attempt to push his hands away. Honestly, if they were a couple, would they have really acted in such a manner in public in the middle of a street?)

4. [+78, -14] It's not the women that are the problem but the way men choose to view these isues. How is it that women in Indonesia and Islamic cultures still get raped when they're covered from head to toe? Why is it that rape doesn't occur in public swimming pools where girls are wearing revealing bikinis? It's not the women's clothing or their actions that is the problem but the way men choose to view and handle themselves. Men that blame women for being raped for wearing revealing clothing, do you truly believe they wouldn't have been raped if they wore something longer? It doesn't matter because even fully clothed, the look of her silhouette will be enough to turn on a man with an intent to rape. Don't try to justify any man's decision to rape another being.

5. [+61, -3] I think the police need to be involved because the video clearly showed the man molesting the drunk woman and forcing his lips onto hers