[Telzone] There is life after girl group failure

Telzone: The story of a woman who became a TOEIC instructor after her girl group failed

Ten years ago, there was a girl group named O-24 that nobody remembers anymore, probably. Nobody knows how many albums they've released or what their hit tracks were because they disappeared into failure... The team dispersed without a trace, and we all thought that they would just remain a tiny part of history until...

This member named Ahn Min Jung. Born in 1981, she was the team's main vocalist. She must've realized that she needed to find a life after the girl group's failure because many accounts started popping up about people spotting her studying her butt off in libraries around early 2000...

Then in mid-2000, we found her as an anchorwoman/reporter ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

And it seemed she was working in broadcast for a while until recently, she made a comeback once again as a TOEIC instructor ㅋㅋ


"It's like people like her that you call truly talented. Someone who finds their own path no matter the circumstances!!! People that fall out with girl groups will usually find work in another area of that sector... but she just shows that she could've been successful in life girl group or not.

"Better than sitting at home with nothing to do all day after the girl group failed. It must've been hard for her to work back up like this, how amazing."

"She's really better than the other girl group failures that end up opening online shopping malls instead of going back to studying."

"I want to send her my applause!"

"What a life... girl group, anchorwoman, TOEIC instructor.."

"Pretty sure she makes more money now than what she would have as a girl group."

"I really don't understand anyone in their late 20s early 30s insisting on staying as idols... Oppas and unnis, please stop the idol play and find a real job for yourselves."

"I remember O-24.. I don't remember their song but they were on a lot of variety shows. Their company only spotlighted the member that used to be a child actress and the remaining two were basically the extras."