7 year old actress Park Min Ha found to have an anti cafe.. industry senses urgency for child protection laws

Article: Children bring laughter on the TV screen... but they don't have the protection they need

: No Cut News via Nate

Article that looks at the rise in popularity of children on variety shows and dramas, especially with the recent success of 'Where Are You Going, Dad?'

Child actress Park Min Ha who's been in several variety shows as well as 'Yawang' was revealed to have an anti-cafe full of swears and criticisms. Searching her name will bring up 'ugly' as a related search word.

The industry has not set up enough laws to protect these children despite more and more shows wanting to use them. Children must still miss school to keep up with filming schedules, putting them behind in class.

Recently, the industry took a step by implementing a support system for child actors exposed to violent scenes/characters.

1. [+91, -4] What in the world is that anti cafe about... Did adult people seriously create an internet cafe to hate on that small child? This seriously gives me goose bumps... holy crap..

2. [+79, -3] How could people even think of doing that to a child? Anti cafe doesn't even begin to explain how horrible what they actually do is.. They basically sit there and rip at a 7 year old girl.. How pathetic

3. [+57, -6] How pathetic are they in real life that they have to set up an entire anti cafe to hate on a child?


Article: Children bring laughter on the TV screen... but they don't have the protection they need

No Cut News via Naver

1. [+94, -32] I can see why Park Min Ha would have antis, though... Imagine how hard her father works her for her to have already memorized the Loving U dance ㅋㅋㅋ Her father makes it so obvious that he's using her to make money and that image is being transferred straight over to his daughter. Park Min Ha already seems like she's caught the celebrity disease ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+51, -2] But it did seem obvious that that any program Park Min Ha starred in, that the producers were trying really hard to make her popular

3. [+53, -8] But Park Min Ha really... isn't innocent..

4. [+43, -2] Our broadcast system is the problem... Japan bans children from filming at night but our 7 year old actress Park Min Ha is on a midnight talk show with the adults like Happy Together and Strong Heart... I get that child actors are used on 19+ movies but they're not on the set the entire time.. unlike variety shows where the kids are exposed to everything the adults are for the entire duration of the filming.

5. [+46 -6] Kids need to have a sense of innocence to them, but Park Min Ha just seems like a sly fox because of the way her parents throw her everywhere out of their greed for cash... She seems so fake.