Conspiracy: What's with all these scandals?

I came across an interesting post tonight that netizens are saying might explain the sudden boom in entertainment scandals as a cover up.

On January 1st, the Korean government passed a new law that grants any member of congress a pension of $1,200 a month from age 65 to death, and this includes any person that was a member of congress even for one day. There are currently 1,141 serving members of which 780 are eligible and the government has set aside \12.876 billion won for this purpose.

Not only is the law itself problematic and full of loopholes that can be abused, but it also comes just after both parties in the election promised that they would be giving up unnecessary political perks. Other areas of needed funding not receiving the bare minimum needed (orphanages were granted $1.50 - a 10 cent raise - a meal per child) are also being ignored in favor of this law.

A petition has been started with over 13,000 signatures and there are several articles detailing the online anger/outrage as well as a movement to bring the issue onto search rankings and Nate rankings but it's still outnumbered by the other scandals going on (the issue managed to jump 513 rankings up to 2nd since the movement started).